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The membership year starts from July 1 and ends June 30, the following year.

If you join ESMINT now, please select membership 2017/2018 and your membership will last from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2018.

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  • A €50 registration fee discount for each ESMINT meeting attended.
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ESMINT is dedicated to the education and training of physicians in the techniques of minimally invasive neurological therapies. It promotes the safe application of such techniques and their practice by competent practitioners throughout Europe.

The Society consists of individuals and groups of members working or training in geographical Europe who aspire to the highest standards of ethical and scientific medical practice in the field of minimally invasive neurological therapy.

The Executive Committee invites applications for membership from those interested in the practice of minimally invasive neurological therapies. Membership applications are invited in the following categories: Full, Medical Associate, Industrial Associate, Junior and Medical Support.


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“ESMINT is an excellent membership organisation full of dynamic and committed professionals. We seek to provide the highest standards of support for our network through innovative new ideas like the EJMINT open access journal. Join us, get involved and benefit from sharing ideas and experiences with an international group of like-minded people.”

James Byrne, former President