ESMINT General Assembly 2017

Please read the documents of the General Assembly 2017:

- the Notification (including preliminary agenda)
- the Agenda (including the persons standing for election)
- the Minutes (after the GA)

We would be very pleased if you would like to continue your engagement in the ESMINT Society and contribute to its growth.

The new ESMINT Standing Committee chairs have been elected:

  • Rules: Jan Gralla, Switzerland
  • Education: Shelley Renowden, UK
  • Examination: Tommy Andersson, Belgium
  • Guidelines: Phil White, UK
  • Research: Francis Turjman, France
  • Membership: A.-C. Januel, France
  • Multidisciplinary: Laurent Spelle, France
  • Professional Liaison: Zsolt Kulcsar, Switzerland
  • Publication: Mohamed Aggour, France
  • UEMS: Alessandra Biondi, France
  • Eastern Countries: Stefanita Dima, Romania
  • New Product: Christian Taschner, Germany
  • Ethics: Maciej Szajner, Poland
  • Electronic Media: Jan Buhk, Germany

ESMINT General Assembly 2016

ESMINT Executive Board

The following ESMINT Executive Board have been elected:

  • President: Laurent Pierot, Reims France
  • General Secretary: Patrick Brouwer, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Treasurer: Jens Fiehler, Hamburg, Germany

More information about each board member can be found on our People Section.

Please note the following general schedule:

Election Calendar

  • 60 Days before the General Assembly
    Distribution of information letter detailing list of positions to be elected.

  • 30 Days before General Assembly
    Deadline for members to submit agenda items to the General Secretary.

  • 20 Days before General Assembly
    Final Agenda is published.

Minutes from Past Elections

ESMINT GA 2016 Minutes

ESMINT GA 2015 Minutes

ESMINT GA 2014 Minutes

ESMINT GA 2013 Minutes