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ESMINT was inaugurated August 21, 2009, by the founding members:

  • Prof. J. Byrne (represented by M. Iliopoulos)
  • Prof. J. Fiehler
  • Prof. Rüfenacht

Dr. A. Notter was the notary present. The first ESMINT Congress was held in Nice in 2009 and the constitution of the society was agreed at that time.

The first Executive Board comprised Prof. J. Moret (President), Prof. J. Byrne (General Secretary), Prof. D. Rüfenacht (Treasurer) and M. Iliopoulos (Executive Director).

The membership grew from less than 100 European physicians to over 500 members the society now serves. The Executive Committee comprises the Executive Board (lastly elected in 2018) and the Chairmanships’ of the Standing Executive Committees (lastly elected in 2017).