President's Letter August/September 2015

This picture shows Istvan Szikora, ESMINT president.

Dear Colleagues, Friends, dear Members of the Society,

Just shortly before the 7th ESMINT Congress, at a time when I hope most of you are enjoying a great summer vacation (and eagerly preparing your talks, presentations for the Congress…), let me briefly summarize our recent activities / achievements in the past half of a year.

As mentioned in my last message by the end of last year, we are living in historical times now and have a great task of incorporating acute stroke treatment into the daily practice of neurointerventionists. Moreover, while coping with the suddenly increased workload, we have the responsibility of preserving the leadership of properly trained neurointerventionists in the field of acute stroke, that seems to be highly appealing to other professionals, not specifically trained in the neuro field.

In order to do so, ESMINT quickly responded to the newest results as they became public, such a press releases upon publication of MR Clean, EXTEND IA, ESCAPE and SWIFT PRIME. Even more importantly, we managed to publish a joint statement together with ESO and ESNR and joint stroke management guidelines of the same societies in less than two weeks following presentation in Nashville.

In the meantime, we had fruitful negotiations with ESNR and ESO for stronger cooperation in the future. A working group on the Standards of Practice consisting delegates from ESNR and ESMINT will first meet at the ESNR Congress in Naples this coming September to work on a joint document highlighting the most important standards of the working conditions for Neurointerventions. In the meantime, during our Congress in Nice, we will present a brief document to all of you, that the Board is proposing to accept by the ESMINT and ESO defining the minimal requirements for acute stroke interventions. We do ask all of you to attend the stroke session Friday in the morning (08:30h – 10:00h): we will have a vote on this document! We need all of your votes to make our statement as powerful as possible!

While in Nice, another working group of ESMINT and ESO will be working on a joint document on the training standards required for the practice of minimally invasive neurological therapy for acute stroke.

Making official statements is important, but properly training young physicians, capable handling the heavily increased workload is even more so. The ECMINT project, (thanks to Professors Byrne, Renowden and Andersson and to the great support of our industrial partners (BALT, Blockade Medical, Codman, Covidien, MicroVention, Neuravi, Penumbra, Sequent Medical, Stryker) is now running as planned. Two courses (ECMINT 1.1 and 1.2) have been completed, fully booked, greatly successful. Recently, an internet-based examination system has been established and tested successfully. The next courses (ECMINT 1.3 and 1.4) are being organized and facilities are already booked for the next cycle (ECMINT 2) beginning in December 2016!

I do believe that with all these we managed to strengthen the position of ESMINT as planned. In order to continue doing so, we NEED YOU!!!! You are all expected to join us in NICE in September! It is time to update our constitution in many ways. That requires a decision by the General Assembly. We need your active participation both during the scientific sessions and during the GA on Thursday evening from 18:30h.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Nice,




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