Holiday Greetings from the ESMINT Executive Board

Dear colleagues and ESMINT friends,

By the end of this week, the days will get longer and brighter again. This increasing brightness is something we have seen happening to our society over the last couple of years. All activities that have been developed start having a real impact in our field within Europe and are recognized by other societies and groups. Collaboration with ESO, SNIS and EANS has intensified and has been formalized in order to reach the society goals.

Thanks to the tireless effort of the Executive Committees, both ECMINT- and EXMINT-course directors (Shelley Renowden, Tony Krajina) and the examination committee (Tommy Andersson, Matthias Gawlitza), as well as last editions’ conference president (Laurent Spelle) we have reached many goals this year and impacted a large number of colleagues. The ESMINT Congress had 863, the ECMINT-course had 96 and EXMINT had 43 attendees.

I also want to point out that the activities of the team of angiosuite personnel, (supported by Ad van Es and Jan-Hendrik Buhk) resulted in a third edition of a well-attended symposium. One other activity that cannot go undetected is the recurring webinars hosted by Zsolt Kulcsar and Birgit Amend. All 15 webinar sessions have been recorded and are available to our members on the website.

In order to enhance the quality in our field, a consensus document on the standards of practice in ischemic stroke therapy was coordinated by the former ESMINT president, Laurent Pierot, together with representatives of 14 other societies. This has been published in our new official journal – the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) which can be accessed for free through the membership area of our website.

Laurent Pierot also started, in collaboration with Luca Valvassori, the stroke fellowship programme that allows members from within Europe to have an ESMINT sponsored fellowship or observership for stroke treatment.

Finally, to applaud and guarantee quality in neurointervention, the European Board of NeuroIntervention (EBNI) has been installed. What started as an AdHoc Executive Committee of the society, became an independent body. The reason for this is that the Board elected to have the quality assurance done outside of our society, just like a butcher shouldn’t certify his own meat.

Applying for accreditation of the EBNI, with a clear scrutiny based on CV and work experience, will lead to the title ‘Fellow of EBNI’. With the growing number of EBNI applicants, members and fellows, this will soon be recognized as the credential in Europe. The eligibility criteria can be found on the EBNI website and the application process is easy. Joining this initiative will formalize our specialty even more in the eyes of government bodies and other societies, which in the current situation of increased demand is of critical importance.

With all these activities, and the fact that our official journal 'JNIS' is available online to our members for free, it is pretty impressive that our society manages to keep the membership fees low, with a maximum of €120 for full members. The main reason for this is that the board wants to encourage even more colleagues to actively participate in ESMINT activities and help us to further improve the patient access to neurointerventions with a high-quality level throughout Europe. We thank you for your support and would appreciate bringing new potential members to our community, bearing in mind that we also have Junior memberships (€50), Medical Support memberships (€50), Medical Associate memberships (€120) and Industrial Associate memberships (€150).

Last but not least, with the coming holidays on the radar, the ESMINT board wishes you a very happy break from it all, as well as a joyful, happy and above all healthy 2019.

P@ Brouwer
President of the Executive Board