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Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08.00–08.15 Welcome and Introduction M. Aggour, UK
J. Fiehler, DE
08.15–09.15 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: Franziska Dorn, DE; Luca Valvassori, IT
  LIQUID – Treatment of high-grade dural arteriovenous fistulas with Squid liquid embolic agent: a prospective, observational multi-center study Markus Möhlenbruch, DE
  CLEVER: CLinicalEValuation of WEB 0.017 device in Intracranial AneuRysms Safety results for ruptured and unruptured aneurysm at 30 days Istvan Szikora, HU
  FRED-UK: Safety and efficacy analysis of FRED™/FRED™ Jr embolic device in aneurysm treatment – Efficacy and Safety results at 12-24-months Dylan Roi, GB
  Flow Diversion for Recurrent Aneurysms after Stent-Assisted Coiling: Multicenter Experience Jan-Karl Burkhardt, US
09.15–09.45 Keynote Lecture “20 Years of ISAT Study” Andrew Molyneux, UK
09.45–10.00 Industry Symposium phenox  
10.00–10.30 Coffee Break  
10.30–12.30 Joint Meeting with EANS Vascular Section

Chairs: Franziska Dorn, DE; Andreas Gruber, AT; Christian Taschner, DE

  Complex Spinal Vascular Lesions  
  Anatomy & Classification of Spinal AVMs Vitor Mendes Pereira, CA
  Think out of the Box: Treatment of complex Spinal Vascular Lesions Zsolt Kulcsar, CH
  Case Based Discussion of Spinal Pial AVFs Jeroen Boogaarts, NL; Andreas Raabe, CH
  Resection of ruptured spinal pial arteriovenous fistula under ultrasound control: How I do it Ramona Guatta, CH
  Management of Wide Neck Bifurcation Aneurysms: Case based discussion  
  Intra-saccular devices Alessandra Biondi, FR
  Flow diversion Christophe Cognard, FR
  Surgical treatment Miikka Korja, FI
12.30–13.00 Industry Symposium BALT  
13.00–14.00 Lunch Break  
14.00–14.30 Industry Symposium Microvention  
14.30–16.00 Joint Meeting with SNIS – Part 1

Chairs: Felipe Albuquerque, US; Saleh Lamin, UK

  ESMINT/EYMINT E-fellowship – Experiences from two seasons Uta Hanning, DE
  Liquid embolic middle meningeal artery embolization for subdural hematoma David Fiorella, US
  Update on common pediatric neurointerventional procedures Johanna Fifi, US
  Vascular Malformations – moderated by Stephan Munich and Laurent Spelle

Chairs: Stephan Munich, US; Laurent Spelle, FR

  Neurointerventional evaluation of pulsatile tinnitus Matthew Amans, US

Jean-Christophe Gentric, FR

  AVMs case based discussions Edoardo Boccardi, IT; Michael Chen, US; Andreas Gruber, AT
16.00–16:30 Coffee Break  
16.30–16.45 Industry Symposium Siemens Healthineers  
16.45–17.45 Joint Meeting with SNIS – Part 2

Chairs: Michael Chen, US; Johanna Fifi, US

  Collaborative research, imaging & genetics of cerebral aneurysms Romain Bourcier, FR
  Anti-platelets in neuro-interventions Felipe Albuquerque, US
  Single-antiplatelet regimen in ruptured cerebral aneurysms treated with flow-diverter stent reconstruction Jawid Madjidyar, CH
  Review of the Literature: Clipping versus coiling for ruptured MCA aneurysm associated with intracerebral hematoma requiring surgical decompression  
  Balancing surgery and endovascular options for intracranial atherosclerosis Stephan Munich, US
17.45–18.45 ESMINT General Assembly ExBoard

EYMINT Meeting: Young Interventionalists@ESMINT Congress 2022

Chairs: Uta Hanning, DE; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH

Room: Gallieni 1+2 (Level 2)

Time Session Speaker
08.30–10.00 EYMINT Session – Part 1

Young Neurointerventionalists@ESMINT

  Remote technologies in the angiography suite Matthias Bechstein, DE
  Thrombolysis after MT, individualized stroke treatment Johannes Kaesmacher, CH
  Intracranial hypotension Tomas Dobrocky, CH
  Die jungen Neuroradiologen – JUNRAD

Daniel Kaiser, DE

  Round table, what do you expect from EYMINT? Perspectives from the JUNRAD and the JENI Networks Grégoire Boulouis, FR; Géraud Forestier, FR; Uta Hanning, DE; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH;

Daniel Kaiser, DE

10.00–10.30 Coffee Break  
10.30–13.00 EYMINT Session – Part 2

Young Neurointerventionalists@ESMINT

  Win@ESMINT (Women in Neurointerventions) Anne Christine Januel, FR
  Update embolization subdural hematomas Dominik Vollherbst, DE
  Pediatric INR, bridging the gap Grégoire Boulouis, FR
  Activities of the Research Committee Aymeric Rouchaud, FR
  Collavidence – a new collaboration platform for stroke research funding Petra Cimflova, CA
  Non-stenotic carotid disease (SyNC) Johanna Ospel, CH
  EYMINT e-Fellowship program: update and future directions Uta Hanning, DE

ETMINT Symposium for Angiosuite Personnel – Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers in cooperation with ESMINT

Room: Gallieni 1+2 (Level 2)

Time Session Speaker
14.00–16.00 ETMINT Session – Part 1

Session for Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers
Chairs: Helens Genins, SE; Alen Golubovic, CH

  Opening Mohamed Aggour, UK; Fabienne Menu, FR
  Stroke workflow in different countries
  • France: Paul Bernardin, FR
  • Germany: Daniel Behme, DE
  • Croatia: Dario Gluvacevic, HR
  • Sweden: Helen Genins, SE
  • Switzerland: Alen Golubovic, CH
  VIA VERDE – Green Way for stroke patients  
  Evaluation of carotid bifurcation plaque vulnerability Federica Rea De Falco, CH
  The Gothenburg model: Optimizing stroke workflow

Synnöve Holseng, SE; Daniel Norback, SE

  Role of technologist and nurses in mechanical thrombectomy – Zagreb experience Ivana Komesarovic, HR
  NOVA – Vessel analysis Robert Bailey-Black, CH
  Artificial intelligence and neuroscience applications in neurovascular CT imaging Chiara Martini, IT
16.00–16.30 Coffee Break  
16.30–18.00 ETMINT Session – Part 2

Session for Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers

Chairs: Julien Ducasse, FR; Kathryn Jones, AU

  Do we still need a leaded apron in a modern neuro angiosuite? Results of the PLOMB’RI study in a French Hospital Myriam Maury, FR
  Antithrombotic drugs in the Cath Lab, what’s new? Jildaz Caroff, FR
  Flow diverters – treatment of intracranial aneurysms Dario Gluvacevic, HR
  Hemodynamic of intracranial aneurysms Alen Golubovic, CH
  Robotic-assisted endovascular embolization procedure: The role of the Radiographer

Blandine Bobet, FR

  Clinical cases Daniel Behme, DE

Thursday, 8 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08.00–09.00 Joint Meeting with ESO – Part 1

Chair: Wim van Zwam, NL

  AI in action: Using AI imaging technology to grow and improve large stroke Justin Fraser, US
  Prehospital triage of patients with suspected stroke Marc Ribo, ES
  Delayed presentation from last known well – Low NIHSS

Vincent Costalat, FR

  Time versus the number of passes Jens Fiehler, DE
  Rescue stenting after failed MT Felipe Albuquerque, US
09.00–10.00 Scientific Abstracts

Chairs: Antonin Krajina, CZ; Riitta Rautio, FI

  Multicenter clinical experience with the Scepter Mini balloon catheter Jan-Karl Burkhardt, US
  Aneurysm treatment with WEB in the combined population of two prospective, multicenter series (WEBCAST & WEBCAST 2): 5-year follow-up Laurent Pierot, FR
  Primary robotic-assisted endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms Kamil Zeleňák, SL
  Nautilus Intrasaccular System: Post-market EU study results J Mocco, US
  The necessity of monitoring platelet response and adjusting antiplatelet agents for endovascular treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms: A single-center retrospective cohort Study Eun Ji Moon, KR
  Mycotic aneurysm of the anterior hippocampal artery with immediate cerebritis after coiling complicated by a rupture Till Illies, DE
10.00–10.30 Coffee Break  
10.30–10.45 Industry Symposium Penumbra
The Value of Aspiration – Quo vadis?

Red reperfusion catheters received US FDA clearance and are CE mark pending.

  The Current practice: How far have we come? Luca Valvassori, IT
  The Impact of REDglide Technology on my practice  
10.45–11.30 Joint Meeting with ESO – Part 2

Chair: Jan Gralla, CH

  Intra-procedural detection of clot composition: CLOTILD

Hal Rice, AU

  Pre- and peri-procedural care  
  Antiplatelets in EVT: when, who, what and how?  
  Post-procedural monitoring and treatment according to recanalization status  
11.30–12.30 Innovative new techniques / recorded cases

Endovascular management of high ICP
CSF shunting

Chairs: Alessandra Biondi, FR; Jan-Hendrik Buhk, DE

  Trans-venous embolization of bAVMs Laurent Spelle, FR
  Endovascular shunting

Pedro Lylyk, AR

  Dynamic myelography and EVT for IC hypotension Tomas Dobrocky, CH
12.30–13.00 Industry Symposium Cerenovus  
13.00–14.00 Lunch Break  
14.00–14.30 Industry Symposium Stryker  
14.30–15.15 Round table discussion: R&D meets the experts

Chairs: Dave Ferrera, US; Paolo Machi, CH; Vitor Mendes Pereira, CA; Adnan H. Siddiqui, US

  Bringing MedTech ideas to market Dave Ferrera, US
  How to optimize devices? The importance of Bench Testing Paolo Machi, CH

Round Table Discussion: Experts and R&Ds

15.15–16.00 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: Franziska Dorn, DE; Marios Psychogios, CH
  Endovascular treatment of giant part-thrombosed vertebral V4 aneurysm causing significant brainstem compression Peter McGarrity, UK
  School of thrombectomy – a 3-step approach to perform acute stroke treatment with simulator training and virtual supervision by remote streaming support (RESS) Franziska Dorn, DE
  Benefit of thrombectomy in patients with extensive baseline stroke depends on early ischemic lesion water uptake Results from the I-LAST study Gabriel Broocks, DE
  Secondary stroke lesion growth in the follow-up after endovascular therapy: A prospective longitudinal imaging study Maria Berndt, DE
16.00–16.30 Coffee Break  
16.30–16.40 ESMINT’s Award for Best European Publication in JNIS

Chairs: Mohamed Aggour, UK; Felipe Albuquerque, US

16.40-16.45 e-Fellowship / Mentorship Award

Chair: Uta Hanning, DE

16.45–17.00 ESMINT Diploma Ceremony

Chairs: Pasquale Mordasini, CH; Adam Rennie, UK

17.00–17.20 Honorary Membership

Chair: Zsolt Kulcsar, CH

  Honorary Membership Presentation Istvan Szikora, HU
17.20–17.25 Congress President Handover

Chair: Mohamed Aggour, UK

17.25–18.05 Scientific Abstracts
Chair: Uta Hanning, DE
  Mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe: Results from an international survey from the ESMINT society Géraud Forestier, FR
  Profile of intracranial artery calcifications and effect on endovascular stroke treatment Marc Rodrigo-Gisbert, ES
  Causes and impact of incomplete reperfusion in eTICI 2b: insights from the ESCAPE-NA1 trial Petra Cimflova, CA
  Late-window Aspiration Thrombectomy for anterior Acute Ischemic Stroke: Subset analysis for COMPLETE Study Johanna Fifi, US

Friday, 9 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08.30–09.15 Scientific Abstracts
Chair: Istvan Szikora, HU
  Thrombectomy for Medium Vessel Occlusions: Treatment effect of successful recanalization on long term functional outcome Helge Kniep, DE
  Effect of anesthetic strategy on procedural and clinical outcomes in primary distal Medium-Vessel Occlusion Stroke: Results from the TOPMOST Registry Lukas Meyer, DE
  Mechanical Thrombectomy for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: Single centre experience and meta-analysis Si-Zhao Tang, SG
  Mechanical thrombectomy using a modified ADAPT (A Direct Aspiration first Pass Technique) in a patient with M1-occlusion and concomitant MCA-aneurysm Theo Demerath, DE
09.15–10.00 Stroke Development

Chairs: Vladimir Kalousek, HR; Ivan Vukasinovic, RS; Phil White, UK

  Current situation in the UK

Phil White, UK

  Difficulties in East Europe: The Sarajevo experience Deniz Bulja, BA
  The Angels Initiative Zuzana Gdovinová, SK
  Round Table Discussion Deniz Bulja, BA; Vladimir Kalousek, HR; Audrius Sirvinskas, LT; Ivan Vukasinovic, RS; Phil White, U
10.00–10.30 Coffee Break  
10.30–11.00 Industry Symposium Medtronic  
11.00–11.30 Evidence for New Medical Devices & Best European Studies
Chairs: Elisa Ciceri, IT; Christian Taschner, DE
  ESMINT Endorsement Program Christian Taschner, DE
  ESMINT endorsed studies: The INSPIRE Platform Laurent Spelle, FR
  ESMINT endorsed studies: The COATING Study Laurent Pierot, FR
  ESMINT endorsed studies: The DISTAL Study

Marios Psychogios, CH

11.30–12.00 AI & New Innovations

Chairs: Vincent Costalat, FR; Michel Piotin, FR; Kamil Zeleňák, SL

  Endovascular brain computer interface first in man

J Mocco, US

  The role of AI in electronic medical records and automated data extraction for clinical trials record keeping and research Ansaar Rai, US
  Evaluation of Effectiveness and Safety of the CorPath® GRX System in Endovascular Embolization Procedures of Cerebral Aneurysms Michel Piotin, FR
12.00–13.00 New Technology Symposium: The Engineers’ Perspective  
  Acandis Heal Technology – Next Generation of antithrombogenic coating  
  Medtronic Transradial Access Novelty  
  MicroVention X Technology- Mechanism of Action  
  Philips Dual-layer detector cone-beam CT for stroke assessment – First in human results  
  Siemens Innovations in Robotic Neurointerventions: Current applications and future vision Kamil Zeleňák, SK
  Vesalio NEVA NET Micro-filtration technology: Going beyond TICI 3 in Thrombectomy Paul Bhogal, GB
13.00–13.45 Lunch Break  
13.45–14.30 Startups Session  
  RC Medical LLC  
  Basecamp Vascular – BCV  
  Oxford Heartbeat  
14.30–16.30 Morbimortality Corner
Chairs: Edoardo Boccardi, IT; Mario Martínez-Galdámez, ES
  My worst memory!  
  Ozretic’s worst memory! David Ozretić, CR
  Dorn’s worst memory! Franziska Dorn, DE
  Better to be smart than lucky!  
  Chapot’s advice René Chapot, DE
  Januel’s advice Anne Christine Januel, FR
  Buhk’s advice Jan-Hendrik Buhk, DE
16.30–16.35 Final Remarks / Closing Mohamed Aggour, UK