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Tuesday, 8 Sep 2020

On 8 September 2020, there will be a joint ESMINT/EANS session during the online 7th Annual EANS Vascular Section Meeting 2020.

To attend the ESMINT/EANS session during the Annual EANS Vascular Section Meeting, a registration is needed. Registration for the EANS Meeting is free.

Time Session
11.00–14.30 Joint EANS/ESMINT scientific paper session @ Annual Meeting of the EANS Section of Vascular Neurosurgery

Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020

Time Session Speaker
08:25–08:30 Welcome and Introduction (Room 1) Wim van Zwam (NL)
  Joint Meeting with EANS Vascular Section: Coiling or clipping; how to decide – Part 1 (Room 1)

Chairs: K. Lobotesis (UK), A. Gruber (AT)

08:30–08:45 Evidence from literature M. Vergouwen, NL
08:45–09:00 Cost effectiveness of both treatments; what do we know? R. Haeren, FI
  Joint Meeting with EANS Vascular Section: Coiling or clipping; how to decide – Part 2: Cases (Room 1)

Chairs: K. Lobotesis (UK), A. Gruber (AT)

09:00–09:10 Vascular neurosurgeon A. van der Zwan, NL
09:10–09:20 Interventional neuroradiologist E. Boccardi, IT
09:20–09:30 Hybrid neurosurgeon A. Gruber, AT
9:30–9:45 Break  
  Joint Meeting with EANS Vascular Section (Room 1)

Chairs: P. Vajkoczy (DE), Z. Kulcsar (CH)

09:45–09:55 Quality and training criteria for Vascular Neurosurgery D. Haenggi, DE
09:55–10:05 Quality and training criteria for Endovascular Neurosurgery A. Gruber, AT
10:05–10:15 Simulation, Virtual Reality, etc. in Neurosurgery M. Gmeiner, AT
10:15–10:25 Centralization : dilemmas and possible solutions J. Boogaarts, NL
10:25–10:45 Interactive cases in complex aneurysms
  1. Vascular neurosurgeon
  2. Interventional neuroradiologist
  3. Hybrid neurosurgeon
D. Haenggi, DE
B. Welch, US
Z. Kulcsar, CH
10:45–11:00 Break  
  Industry Symposium Medtronic (Room 2)  
11:00–11:15 A new standard in gathering clinical evidence for newly launched products to treat aneurysms: Medtronic’s INSPIRE A Registry M. Martínez-Galdámez, ES
11:15–11:30 A first glance at the 1-year results of the first 100 patients treated with Pipeline™ Flex with Shield Technology™ in INSPIRE I. Szikora, HU
11:30–11:45 Break  
  Delegate Cases (Room 1)

Chair: N. Kocer (TR)

11:45–11:55 The importance of diagnosing a bilateral infraoptic course of the anterior cerebral arteries in aneurysmal treatment A.M. Oliveira (BR)
11:55–12:05 Transvenous embolization of brain AVMs K. Zelenak (SK)
12:05–12:15 A complex case of vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation M. Piano (IT)
12:15–12:30 Industry Symposium Siemens (Room 2)

Cone beam CT diagnostics on a novel angiography system in acute stroke treatment

M. N. Psychogios, CH
12:30–13:15 Lunch Break  
  Joint Meeting with SNIS: DESTINY (Room 1)

Chairs: T. Andersson (SE), V. Inoa (US)

13:15–13:45 Factors in decision making for aneurysm treatment; DESTINY J. Ospel, CH
13:45–14:15 What is needed for training of INR fellows; DESTINITY M. Goyal, CA
  Joint Meeting with SNIS: COVID-19 IMPACT (Room 2)

Chairs: L. Valvassori (IT), T. Andersson (SE)

14:15–14:35 How is INR practice influenced by COVID-19 – Stroke in young COVID patients J. Fifi, US
14:35–14:55 How is INR paractice influenced by COVID-19 – Reorganising INR practice in N Italy E. Boccardi, IT
14:55–15:15 INR work organization in Russia during COVID-19 K. Orlov, RU
15:15–15:30 Break  
  New Technology Symposia: Femtos, Vesalio, BALT (Room 2)

Chair: C. Taschner (DE)

15:30–15:40 Vasospasm Stent Angioplasty – pRELAX, the first of its kind T. Liebig, DE
15:40–15:50 Initial Clinical Experience with the 3 and 5 Drop Zone Vesalio NeVa
thrombectomy devices
A. Sirvinskas, LT
15:50–16:00 Silk vista international preliminary experience V. Mendes Pereira, CA
  Special Lecture: Use of new communication/Social Media (Room 1)

Chairs: A. Rouchaud (FR), M. Schoenfeld (DE)

16:00–16:20 Use of new communication/Social media for case discussions, consulting peers, etc J. Buhk, DE
16:20–16:40 Use of new communication/Social media for online knowledge resources and online education E. Raz, US
M. Shapiro, US
16:40–17:10 Use of new communication/Social media for clinical and societal meetings J. Bateman, CH
17:10–17:40 Q&A  
  Delegate Cases (Room 2)

Chair: I. Saatci (TR)

17:30–17:40 A carotid filter during carotid artery stenting could raise operators blood
S. Dalai, IN
17:40–17:50 Obliteration of a basilar artery fenestration branch after vasospasm S. Peters, DE
17:50–18:00 Delayed effect of mechanical spasmolysis with a stentretriever S. Peters, DE
18:00–18:10 Acute ischemic stroke in a patient of acute aneurysmal subarachnoid
haemorrhage: management dilemmas
S. Dalai, IN
18:10–18:30 Break  
18:30–19:30 ESMINT General Assembly (via Zoom, invited members only)

Please note that the ESMINT General Assembly will not take place in the public meeting room as it is for members only. A personal invitation email to all members including the access link has been sent with the subject line “Details for the ESMINT General Assembly (via Zoom) – 9 September 2020 – 6.30 PM CEST” from the ESMINT Office.


EYMINT Meeting: Young Interventionalists@ESMINT 2020

Chair: A. Rouchaud, FR

Room 2

Time Session Speaker
08:30–08:50 EXMINT: presentation of the EXMINT education program M. Gawlitza, FR
08:50–09:10 EYMINT e-fellowship Program U. Hanning, DE
09:10–09:30 Role of simulation for INR training T. Liebig, DE
09:30–10:00 Place of pragmatic studies J. Raymond, CA
10:00–10:15 Break  
10:15–10:45 Animal Research in INR M. Gounis, US
10:45–11:05 Collaborative research network G. Boulouis, FR
11:05–11:25 Artificial intelligence and INR J. Ognard, FR

ETMINT Session: Symposium for technicians, radiographers and nurses – CANCELLED

Time Session
13:00–18:00 ETMINT Session – CANCELLED

The ETMINT parallel session has been cancelled, as it was felt by the ETMINT organizers that the virtual format would not be suitable for their purpose. Therefore, they will postpone this session to next year’s ESMINT congress.

Thursday, 10 Sep 2020

Time Session Speaker
  Industry Symposium Medtronic (Room 2)  
08:00–08:15 A new standard in gathering clinical evidence for newly launched products related to Acute Ischemic Stroke: Medtronic’s INSPIRE S Registry M. Ribo, ES
08:15–08:30 First experience using Medtronic’s React™ aspiration catheter in achieving full recanalization A. Tomasello Weitz, ES
  Stroke Session with ESO: Challenges (Room 1)

Chairs: U. Fischer (CH), I. Szikora (HU)

08:30–08:45 Challenges in East Europe C. Tiu, RO
08:45–09:00 Challenges in Italy during COVID S. Sacco, IT
09:00–09:15 Regional difference in Stroke care; the Spain experience J. Gallego Culleré, ES
09:15–09:30 Q&A  
  Stroke Session with ESO: Who should treat who (Room 2)

Chairs: D. Aguiar de Sousa (IT), T. Jovin (US)

09:30–09:45 EVT: WHO should treat who? M. Mazighi, FR
09:45–10:00 EVT: Who should treat WHO? Posterior circulation W. Schonewille, NL
10:00–10:15 Low ASPECTS G. Thomalla, DE
10:15–10:30 Q&A  
10:30–10:45 Break  
  Industry Symposium Cerenovus – The quest for a total stroke solution. Now in sight? (Room 2)  
10:45–10:55 CERENOVUS NIMBUS a new device designed to remove tough clots. My
initial experience
H. Nordmeyer (DE)
10:55–11:15 Innovations first cases with a new stroke setup F. Wodarg, GE
11:15–11:30 Break  
  Delegate Cases (Room 1)

Chair: M. Aggour (FR)

11:30–11:40 First patient-specific computer simulation of the intra-arterial
thrombectomy (IAT) procedure
G. Luraghi, IT
11:40–11:50 Thrombectomy in two pediatric patients with Down Syndrome M. Piano, IT
11:50–12:00 Treatment of perforator territory ICAD with FBTS technique using Credo / Acclino Flex HRF Stent and Neurospeed balloon N. Dange, IN
  Industry Symposium Stryker (Room 2)  
12:00–12:15 Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter: Immediate and mid-term follow up results
Bochum Augsburg clinics combined series
S. Fischer, DE
12:15–12:30 Lunch Break  
  Industry Symposium Medtronic (Room 2)  
12:30–12:45 A new standard in gathering clinical evidence for newly launched products to treat aneurysms: Medtronic’s INSPIRE A Registry M. Martínez-Galdámez, ES
12:45–13:00 A first glance at the 1-year results of the first 100 patients treated with Pipeline™ Flex with Shield Technology™ in INSPIRE I. Szikora, HU
  ESMINT’s initiative for a comprehensive INR training in Europe (Room 1)

Chairs: J. Fiehler (DE), A.C. Januel (FR)

13:00–13:10 Rationale, structure and requirements for ECMINT S. Renowden, UK / P. White, UK
13:10–13:20 Rationale, structure and requirements for EXMINT A. Krajina, CZ
13:20–13:30 Rational, structure and requirements for ESNR stroke course N. Kocer, TR
13:30–14:00 Round table discussion  
  ESMINT Session: Intra- extrasuccular / need for centralization (Room 2)

Chairs: R. vd Berg (NL), S. Lamin (UK)

14:00–14:10 Flow Diverter L. Stockx, BE
14:10–14:20 Intra Saccular device T. Liebig, DE
14:20–14:30 Discussion  
14:30–14:45 Centralization of AVM, DAVF, spinal (pro: select only few INR centres) R. Chapot, DE
14:45–15:00 Centralization of AVM, DAVF, spinal (con: all INR should have knowledge and experience) C. Cognard, FR
15:00–15:15 Break  
  Industry Symposium Microvention (Room 2)

Chair: I. Szikora (HU)

15:15–15:25 WEB 17 Clever Study: Status C. Cognard, FR
15:15–15:45 WEB in Ruptured Aneurysms: Clinical Data Review L. Spelle, FR
15:45–16:00 Break  
  ESMINT Session: Scientific Stroke papers (Room 1)

Chair: F. Turjman (FR)

16:00–16:06 Effect of heparin flush during endovascular treatment for ischemic stroke: results from the MR CLEAN Registry F. Benali, NL
16:06–16:09 Discussion  
16:09–16:15 Per pass clot characteristics in the EXCELLENT Registry – interim analysis T. Andersson, SE
16:15–16:18 Discussion  
16:18–16:24 Aspiration thrombectomy of M2 middle cerebral artery occlusion to treat acute ischemic stroke: a core lab-adjudicated subset analysis from the COMPLETE Registry J. Fifi, US
16:24–16:27 Discussion  
16:27–16:33 Vessel diameter and catheter-to-vessel ratio affect the success of clot aspiration A.A. Kyselyova, DE
16:33–16:36 Discussion  
16:36–16:42 Endovascular treatment for calcified cerebral emboli in acute ischemic stroke patients A. Bruggeman, NL
16:42–16:45 Discussion  
  New Technology Symposia Balt / Philips / Microvention (Room 2)

Chair: H. Henkes (DE)

17:00–17:10 Endovascular treatment of cSDH by distal embolization of MMA with Squid A. Petrov, RU
17:10–17:20 SmartCT: a 3D visualization and measurement solution L. Spelle, FR
17:20–17:30 BOBBY / SOFIA System: Development Genesis of MicroVention Next Generation SOFIA Compatible Balloon Guide Catheter J. Dion, GE
  ESMINT’s Got Talent (Room 1)  
17:30–17:40 Stent in stent for the treatment of giant basilar aneurysm Z. Nedeljkovic, RS
17:40–17:50 Sailing remote seas – distal vessel occlusions and mechanical thrombectomy T. Lorga, PT
  Best European Studies (Room 1)

Chairs: A. Biondi (FR), P. Brouwer (NL)

17:50–18:00 EMPROTECT : Embolization of the Middle Meningeal Artery for Prevention of Chronic Subdural Hematoma Recurrence in High Risk Patients. E. Shotar, FR
  Insight in JNIS (Room 1)

Chairs: M. Aggour (FR), J. Fiehler (DE)

18:05–18:15 Insight in JNIS F. Albuquerque, US
  Award for the Best European Publication in JNIS (Room 1)

Chairs: M. Aggour (FR), F. Albuquerque (US), J. Fiehler (DE)

18:15–18:30 Presentation of the Best European Publication in JNIS