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Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08:00–08:15 Welcome and Introduction M. Aggour, UK
J. Fiehler, DE
08:15–09:15 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: Riitta Rautio, FI; Luca Valvassori, IT
08:15 LIQUID – Treatment of high-grade dural arteriovenous fistulas with Squid liquid embolic agent: a prospective, observational multi-center study Markus Möhlenbruch, DE
08:25 CLEVER: CLinicalEValuation of WEB 0.017 device in Intracranial AneuRysms Safety results for ruptured and unruptured aneurysm at 30 days Istvan Szikora, HU
08:35 Breaking Results: Coil Assisted Flow Diversion (CAFI) with Neqstent Coil Assited Flow Diverter Thomas Liebig, DE
08:45 FRED-UK: Safety and efficacy analysis of FRED™/FRED™ Jr embolic device in aneurysm treatment – Efficacy and Safety results at 12-24-months Charles Hall, GB
08:55 Flow Diversion for Recurrent Aneurysms after Stent-Assisted Coiling: Multicenter Experience Jan-Karl Burkhardt, US
09:05 Breaking Results: Relevance of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy duration on outcomes with the Pipeline Shield Flow Diverter: Analyses of three global post market studies Istvan Szikora, HU
09:15–09:45 Keynote Lecture “20 Years of ISAT Study” Andrew Molyneux, UK
09:45–10:00 Industry Symposium  
10:00–10:30 Coffee Break
Q&A with EYMINT / e-Fellowship at the ESMINT Booth
10:30–12:30 Joint Meeting with EANS Vascular Section

Chairs: Andreas Gruber, AT; Monika Killer, AT; Christian Taschner, DE

  Complex Spinal Vascular Lesions  
10:30 Anatomy & Classification of Spinal AVMs Vitor Mendes Pereira, CA
10:45 Think out of the Box: Treatment of complex Spinal Vascular Lesions Zsolt Kulcsar, CH
11:00 Case based discussion of complex spinal vascular lesions Jeroen Boogaarts, NL; Paolo Machi, CH; Andreas Raabe, CH
  Management of Wide Neck Bifurcation Aneurysms: Case based discussion  
11:45 Intra-saccular devices Monika Killer, AT
12:00 Flow diversion Christophe Cognard, FR
12:15 Surgical treatment Miikka Korja, FI
12:30–13:00 Industry Symposium  
13:00–14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00–14:30 Industry Symposium  
14:30–16:00 Joint Meeting with SNIS – Part 1

Chairs: Felipe Albuquerque, US; Saleh Lamin, UK

14:30 ESMINT/EYMINT E-fellowship – Experiences from two seasons Uta Hanning, DE
14:40 Liquid embolic middle meningeal artery embolization for subdural hematoma David Fiorella, US
14:50 Update on common pediatric neurointerventional procedures Johanna Fifi, US
  Vascular Malformations

Chairs: Stephan Munich, US; Laurent Spelle, FR

15:00 Neurointerventional evaluation of pulsatile tinnitus Matthew Amans, US
15:10 TOBAS Jean-Christophe Gentric, FR
15:20 AVMs case based discussions Edoardo Boccardi, IT; Michael Chen, US; Andreas Gruber, AT
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break  
16:30–16:45 Industry Symposium  
16:45–17:45 Joint Meeting with SNIS – Part 2

Chairs: Michael Chen, US; Johanna Fifi, US

16:45 Collaborative research, imaging & genetics of cerebral aneurysms Romain Bourcier, FR
17:00 Anti-platelets in neuro-interventions Felipe Albuquerque, US
17:15 Single-antiplatelet regimen in ruptured cerebral aneurysms treated with flow-diverter stent reconstruction Jawid Madjidyar, CH
17:25 Review of the Literature: Clipping versus coiling for ruptured MCA aneurysm associated with intracerebral hematoma requiring surgical decompression Thomas Metayer, FR
17:35 Balancing surgery and endovascular options for intracranial atherosclerosis Stephan Munich, US
17:45–18:45 ESMINT General Assembly J. Fiehler, DE; Z. Kulcsar, CH; A.C. Januel, FR; M. Iliopoulos, CH

EYMINT Meeting: Young Interventionalists@ESMINT Congress 2022

Chairs: Uta Hanning, DE; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH

Room: Gallieni 1+2 (Level 2)

Time Session Speaker
08:30–10:00 EYMINT Session – Part 1

Young Neurointerventionalists@ESMINT

Chairs: Uta Hanning, DE; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH

08:30 Remote technologies in the angiography suite Matthias Bechstein, DE
08:50 Thrombolysis after MT, individualized stroke treatment Johannes Kaesmacher, CH
09:10 Intracranial hypotension Tomas Dobrocky, CH
09:30 Die jungen Neuroradiologen – JUNRAD Daniel Kaiser, DE
09:50 Round table, what do you expect from EYMINT? Perspectives from the JUNRAD and the JENI Networks Grégoire Boulouis, FR; Uta Hanning, DE; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH; Daniel Kaiser, DE
10:00–10:30 Coffee Break
Q&A with EYMINT / e-Fellowship at the ESMINT Booth
10:30–13:00 EYMINT Session – Part 2

Young Neurointerventionalists@ESMINT

Chairs: Grégoire Boulouis, FR; Johannes Kaesmacher, CH

10:30 WIN@ESMINT (Women in Neurointerventions) Anne Christine Januel, FR
11:00 Update embolization subdural hematomas Dominik Vollherbst, DE
11:20 Pediatric INR, bridging the gap Grégoire Boulouis, FR
11:40 Activities of the Research Committee Aymeric Rouchaud, FR
12:00 Collavidence – a new collaboration platform for stroke research funding Petra Cimflova, CA
12:20 Non-stenotic carotid disease (SyNC) Johanna Ospel, CH
12:40 EYMINT e-Fellowship program: update and future directions Uta Hanning, DE

ETMINT Symposium for Angiosuite Personnel – Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers in cooperation with ESMINT

Room: Gallieni 1+2 (Level 2)

Time Session Speaker
14:00–16:00 ETMINT Session – Part 1

Session for Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers

Chairs: Helen Genins, SE; Alen Golubovic, CH

14:00 Opening Mohamed Aggour, UK; Fabienne Menu, FR


Stroke workflow in different countries
  • France: Paul Bernardin, FR
  • Germany: Daniel Behme, DE
  • Croatia: Dario Gluvacevic, HR
  • Sweden: Helen Genins, SE
  • Switzerland: Alen Golubovic, CH
14:45 Evaluation of carotid bifurcation plaque vulnerability Federica Rea De Falco, CH
15:00 The Gothenburg model: Optimizing stroke workflow Synnöve Holseng, SE; Daniel Norback, SE
15:15 Role of technologist and nurses in mechanical thrombectomy – Zagreb experience Ivana Komesarovic, HR
15:30 NOVA – Vessel analysis Robert Bailey-Black, CH
15:45 Artificial intelligence and neuroscience applications in neurovascular CT imaging Chiara Martini, IT
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break  
16:30–18:00 ETMINT Session – Part 2

Session for Technicians, Nurses & Radiographers

Chairs: Julien Ducasse, FR; Kathryn Jones, AU

16:30 Do we still need a leaded apron in a modern neuro angiosuite? Results of the PLOMB’RI study in a French Hospital Myriam Maury, FR
16:45 Antithrombotic drugs in the Cath Lab, what’s new? Jildaz Caroff, FR
17:00 Flow diverters – treatment of intracranial aneurysms Dario Gluvacevic, HR
17:15 Hemodynamic of intracranial aneurysms Alen Golubovic, CH
17:30 Robotic-assisted endovascular embolization procedure: The role of the Radiographer Blandine Bobet, FR
17:45 Clinical cases Daniel Behme, DE

Thursday, 8 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08.00–09.00 Joint Meeting with ESO – Part 1

Chair: Hannah Stockley, UK; Wim van Zwam, NL

08:00 AI in action: Using AI imaging technology to grow and improve large stroke Justin Fraser, US
08:10 Prehospital triage of patients with suspected stroke Marc Ribo, ES
08:20 Delayed presentation from last known well – Low NIHSS Vincent Costalat, FR
08:30 Time versus the number of passes Jens Fiehler, DE
08:40 Rescue stenting after failed MT Felipe Albuquerque, US
09:00–10:00 Scientific Abstracts

Chairs: Franziska Dorn, DE; Antonin Krajina, CZ

09:00 Multicenter clinical experience with the Scepter Mini balloon catheter Jan-Karl Burkhardt, US
09:10 Aneurysm treatment with WEB in the combined population of two prospective, multicenter series (WEBCAST & WEBCAST 2): 5-year follow-up Laurent Pierot, FR
09:20 Primary robotic-assisted endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms Kamil Zeleňák, SL
09:30 Nautilus Intrasaccular System: Post-market EU study results J Mocco, US
09:40 The necessity of monitoring platelet response and adjusting antiplatelet agents for endovascular treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms: A single-center retrospective cohort Study Eun Ji Moon, KR
09:50 Mycotic aneurysm of the anterior hippocampal artery with immediate cerebritis after coiling complicated by a rupture Till Illies, DE
10:00–10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30–10:45 Industry Symposium  
10:45–11:30 Joint Meeting with ESO – Part 2

Chair: Jan Gralla, CH; Mikael Mazighi, FR

10:45 Intra-procedural detection of clot composition: CLOTILD Hal Rice, AU
10:55 Peri-procedural blood pressure management: Where do we stand? Mikael Mazighi, FR
11:10 Antiplatelets in EVT: when, who, what and how? Bob Roozenbeek, NL
11:20 Post-procedural monitoring and treatment according to recanalization status Urs Fischer, CH
11:30–12:30 Innovative new techniques / recorded cases

Endovascular management of high ICP
CSF shunting

Chairs: Jan-Hendrik Buhk, DE; Monika Killer, AT

11:30 Trans-venous embolization of bAVMs Laurent Spelle, FR
11:50 Endovascular shunting Pedro Lylyk, AR
12:10 Dynamic myelography and EVT for IC hypotension Tomas Dobrocky, CH
12:30–13:00 Industry Symposium  
13:00–14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00–14:30 Industry Symposium  
14:30–15:15 Round table discussion: R&D meets the experts

Chairs: V. Costalat (FR), D. Ferrera (US), P. Machi (CH), V. Mendes Pereira (CA), J. Ospel (CH), A. H. Siddiqui (US)

14:30 Bringing MedTech ideas to market Dave Ferrera, US
14:40 How to optimize devices? The importance of Bench Testing Paolo Machi, CH
14:50 Round Table Discussion: Experts and R&Ds V. Costalat, FR; D. Ferrera, US; P. Machi, CH; V. Mendes Pereira, CA; J. Ospel, CH; A. H. Siddiqui, US
15:15–16:00 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: S. Gallas, FR; M. Psychogios, CH
15:15 Endovascular treatment of giant part-thrombosed vertebral V4 aneurysm causing significant brainstem compression Peter McGarrity, UK
15:25 School of thrombectomy – a 3-step approach to perform acute stroke treatment with simulator training and virtual supervision by remote streaming support (RESS) F. Dorn, DE
15:35 Benefit of thrombectomy in patients with extensive baseline stroke depends on early ischemic lesion water uptake Results from the I-LAST study Gabriel Broocks, DE
15:45 Secondary stroke lesion growth in the follow-up after endovascular therapy: A prospective longitudinal imaging study Maria Berndt, DE
15:55 Discussion  
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break
ePoster Presentations
16:30–16:40 ESMINT’s Award for Best European Publication in JNIS

Chairs: Mohamed Aggour, UK; Felipe Albuquerque, US


ESMINT’s Award Winner: Presentation and discussion

16:40-16:45 e-Fellowship / Mentorship Award
Chair: Uta Hanning, DE
16:45–17:00 ESMINT Diploma Ceremony

Chairs: Pasquale Mordasini, CH; Adam Rennie, UK

17:00–17:20 Honorary Membership

Chair: Zsolt Kulcsar, CH

  Presentation by the 2022 Honorary Member Istvan Szikora, HU
17:20–17:25 Congress President Handover

Chair: Mohamed Aggour, UK

17:25–18:05 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: Uta Hanning, DE; Adam Rennie, UK
17:25 Mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe: Results from an international survey from the ESMINT society Uta Hanning, DE
17:35 Profile of intracranial artery calcifications and effect on endovascular stroke treatment Marc Rodrigo-Gisbert, ES
17:45 Causes and impact of incomplete reperfusion in eTICI 2b: insights from the ESCAPE-NA1 trial Petra Cimflova, CA
17:55 Late-window Aspiration Thrombectomy for anterior Acute Ischemic Stroke: Subset analysis for COMPLETE Study Johanna Fifi, US

Friday, 9 Sep 2022

Room: Main Lecture Hall, Muses Area (Level 3)

Time Session Speaker
08:30–09:15 Scientific Abstracts
Chairs: Helena de Sousa Guerreiro, DE; Istvan Szikora, HU
08:30 Thrombectomy for Medium Vessel Occlusions: Treatment effect of successful recanalization on long term functional outcome Helge Kniep, DE
08:40 Effect of anesthetic strategy on procedural and clinical outcomes in primary distal Medium-Vessel Occlusion Stroke: Results from the TOPMOST Registry Lukas Meyer, DE
08:50 Mechanical Thrombectomy for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: Single centre experience and meta-analysis Si-Zhao Tang, SG
09:00 Mechanical thrombectomy using a modified ADAPT (A Direct Aspiration first Pass Technique) in a patient with M1-occlusion and concomitant MCA-aneurysm Theo Demerath, DE
09:10 Discussion  
09:15–10:00 Stroke Development

Chairs: Vladimir Kalousek, HR; Ivan Vukasinovic, RS; Phil White, UK

09:15 Current situation in the UK Phil White, UK
09:25 Difficulties in East Europe: The Sarajevo experience Deniz Bulja, BA
09:35 The Angels Initiative Zuzana Gdovinová, SK
09:45 Round Table Discussion A. Aracki, RS; Z. Gdovinová, SK; V. Kalousek, HR; I. Vukasinovic, RS; P. White, UK
10:00–10:30 Coffee Break
Q&A with EYMINT / e-Fellowship at the ESMINT Booth
ePoster Presentations
10:30–11:00 Industry Symposium  
11:00–11:30 Evidence for New Medical Devices & Best European Studies
Chairs: Elisa Ciceri, IT; Christian Taschner, DE
11:00 ESMINT Endorsement Program Christian Taschner, DE
11:05 ESMINT endorsed studies: The INSPIRE Platform Laurent Spelle, FR
11:13 ESMINT endorsed studies: The COATING Study Laurent Pierot, FR
11:21 ESMINT endorsed studies: The DISTAL Study Marios Psychogios, CH
11:30–12:00 AI & New Innovations

Chairs: Vincent Costalat, FR; Riitta Rautio, FI; Kamil Zeleňák, SK

11:30 Endovascular brain computer interface first in man J Mocco, US
11:40 The role of AI in electronic medical records and automated data extraction for clinical trials record keeping and research Ansaar Rai, US
11:50 Evaluation of Effectiveness and Safety of the CorPath® GRX System in Endovascular Embolization Procedures of Cerebral Aneurysms Michel Piotin, FR
12:00–13:00 New Technology Symposium: The Engineers’ Perspective  
12:00 Heal Technology – Next Generation of antithrombogenic coating Daniel Behme, DE
12:10 Transradial Access Novelty Luis J. Morales Cardona
12:20 X Technology- Mechanism of Action Jacques Dion, US; Aaron Baldwin, US
12:30 Dual-layer detector cone-beam CT for stroke assessment – First in human results Fredrik Ståhl, SE
12:40 Innovations in Robotic Neurointerventions: Current applications and future vision Kamil Zeleňák, SK
12:50 NEVA NET Micro-filtration technology: Going beyond TICI 3 in Thrombectomy Paul Bhogal, UK
13:00–13:45 Lunch Break  
13:45–14:30 Start-Ups Session  
13:45 First in Human use of the Gecko electronic steerable guidewire Michel Piotin, FR
13:55 AI software simulation in Flow Diverting Stent Deployment: Accuracy – Automation – Accountability in PreSize Neurovascular Katerina Spranger, UK
14:05 Lumys: a live communication platform based on mixed reality Jean-Christophe Gentric, FR
14:15 Towards the development of augmented neurovascular guidewires Guillaume Petit-Pierre, CH
14:25 Discussion  
14:30–16:30 Morbimortality Corner
Chairs: Edoardo Boccardi, IT; Anne Christine Januel, FR
  My worst memory!  
14:30 David Ozretić, CR  
14:50 Franziska Dorn, DE  
15:10 Aleksandra Aracki, RS  
  Better to be smart than lucky!  
15:30 René Chapot, DE  
15:50 Anne Christine Januel, FR  
16:10 Jan-Hendrik Buhk, DE  
16:30–16:35 Final Remarks / Closing Mohamed Aggour, UK