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Our recent news

Webinar about LVO with Prof. Schramm.

27 May 2020

Free webinar: Advancing the treatment of LVOs with new technology – a clinical update

ESMINT webinar

04 May 2020

ESMINT Webinar: Use of Flow Diverters in peripheral brain vessels

EYMINT Young Interventionalists logo

04 May 2020

EYMINT Webinar Session

The ESCAPE-NA1 trial webinar with Prof. Michael D. Hill

28 Apr 2020

ESMINT Webinar: The ESCAPE-NA1 trial

ESMINT webinar

20 Apr 2020

ESMINT/OCIN joint webinar on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on INR practice


03 Apr 2020

2nd ESMINT Survey: coronavirus (COVID-19) and its influence on neuro-interventions

EYMINT Young Interventionalists logo

29 Mar 2020

APPLY NOW – EYMINT e-Fellowship

ESMINT Congress 2019

21 Feb 2020

ESMINT Congress – Latest News