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Help for the Ukraine

18 Mar 2022   Category/ies: Society

Support for our colleagues in Ukraine

A physician in Ukraine wrote to us informing that they are faced with the need to treat many strokes every day: lots of young people are having strokes because of stress. They are in desperate need of equipment since their supply chain has been cut. There is also information from an ESMINT member and his team in Ukraine who were conducting operations under artillery fire, they wrote that they would not leave their patients.

Currently the ESMINT ExBoard is setting up a way to support these colleagues with a direct supply of equipment. They have supplied lists of the required items and we have found a way to organize the logistics within Ukraine.

If you would like more information about this initiative, to get involved and / or would like to donate equipment, please contact .

A few words on the current crisis in Ukraine from the ESMINT ExBoard

ESMINT is a society of physicians and scientists working in geographical Europe and beyond, and considers itself to be apolitical. We are dedicated to the highest possible standard of patient care, to the preservation and amelioration of human life, and hold the ideal of peaceful collaboration among nations close to our hearts.

As such, the ExBoard wishes to express our shock and concern at the events currently taking place in Ukraine and condemns without reservation the inexcusable attacks on civilians and civilian targets. We sincerely regret and mourn the resultant suffering and loss of human life, which we are seeing daily.

At this time we would like to express our sympathy, concern and support for our Ukrainian members. friends and colleagues, and more widely all those affected by this crisis. While our resources and scope of action are limited, should anyone affected believe that we would be able to help, we ask them to get in touch with us at