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ESO ESMINT EAN SAFE survey on endovascular stroke treatment in Europe

15 Jun 2016   Category/ies: Standards

European Alliance for Endovascular Stroke Treatment

Letter to all members of the

  • European Stroke Organisation (ESO) 

  • European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT) 

  • European Academy of Neurology (EAN) 

  • Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) 

Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the primary cause of permanent disability in European countries. In 2015, randomized controlled trials have consistently shown that endovascular stroke treatment combined with the best medical treatment in stroke patients with large vessel occlusion in the anterior circulation is superior to best medical treatment alone. However, many patients throughout Europe do not yet have access to this highly effective therapy for several reasons.

The above-mentioned societies are the main professional and patient organizations for stroke care in Europe. All four societies have a fundamental interest that patients suffering from stroke receive optimal treatment in all European countries. Given the inhomogeneity of the availability of endovascular stroke interventions throughout Europe, it is mandatory to know the ways how stroke care is currently provided throughout Europe including an analysis of potential barriers to the uptake of endovascular stroke interventions. Therefore, a survey on the current practice of endovascular stroke treatment and the stroke systems of care has to be performed. 

Within the next few weeks, all national stroke and neurological societies within Europe will be contacted by the ESO ESMINT EAN SAFE task force in order to identify all hospitals providing acute stroke care in Europe. A structured questionnaire will then be sent to all hospitals to assess the availability of endovascular services.

ESO ESMINT EAN and SAFE thank you for your support to encourage all hospitals delivering acute stroke care in Europe to participate in this survey.

Valeria Caso         Istvan Szikora            Günther Deuschl      Jon Barrick
President ESO      President ESMINT     President EAN          President SAFE

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