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Free EYMINT Webinar Mini-Series on INR requisites – Part 3

16 Mar 2021   Category/ies: Teaching

On Wednesday, 24 March 2021 from 5 PM – 6 PM CET, we will host the third session of the EYMINT Webinar mini-series on INR requisites: Wide necked aneurysms.

EYMINT Webinar with Dr. Caroff.

The speaker is Dr. Jildaz Caroff (MD, PhD). He has been working as an interventional neuroradiologist with Prof. Spelle and Moret for 10 years, now in Bicêtre Hospital in Paris. He was granted a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Massachusetts with Prof. Matthew Gounis to conduct research on advance imaging. Dr Caroff is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Neuroradiology, and has authored more than 15 articles focusing on the WEB device.


What is the subject of this webinar?

WEB device for intracranial aneurysms treatment.

Key message

WEB strengths and limitations must be known by younger operators.

Learning objectives

Almost a decade of WEB use:

  1. When to use a WEB? When not to?
  2. WEB results by location (Acom, Pcom…)
  3. Mini WEBs for very small Aneurysms
  4. Off-label usage: WEB in non-bifurcation aneurysm?
  5. How to limit WEB shape modification?


What to expect?

This ESMINT webinar provides you with the opportunity to meet experts, who will share their experience, practice, and way of thinking regarding everyday challenges in the field of neurointerventions with you.

The webinar will be an interactive live transmission. All participants will be able to ask questions via the online chat function.