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Our recent news

Webinar by evasc

06 May 2024

Free webinar: A Primer on eCLIPs technology (eB) on treatment of wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms

Webinar on Lvis Evo with Prof. Eker and Dr. Chandran.

29 Apr 2024

Free webinar: Lvis EVO(TM) European Clinical Evidence Collection 2019 – 2024

Call for Experts for Medical Devices.

23 Apr 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Call for experts in neurointerventions to participate in the evaluation of medical devices in Europe


20 Mar 2024

PRESS RELEASE: ESMINT signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Finnish Society of NeuroInterventionalists (FSNI)

20 Mar 2024

ESMINT Congress News – Submit your science for ESMINT 2024

Webinar supported by Microvention.

06 Mar 2024

Free webinar: Proximal aspiration and distal retrieval: latest data on SOFIA5/6 and ERIC 3

Webinar on Perforator Aneurysms with Dr. Buhk, Dobrocky and Moraff.

11 Jan 2024

Free ESMINT-SNIS Joint Webinar: Perforator Aneurysms – Tricks to find them and how to manage them

Webinar on Large European Trials

11 Dec 2023

Free ESMINT Webinar: Large European trials update