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Our recent news

EYMINT Webinar on research - part 1

22 Sep 2021

Free EYMINT Webinar Mini-Series on Research & Publishing – Part 1

ESMINT congress 2021: Auditorium

21 Sep 2021

ESMINT Congress – Latest News

Webinar supported by Siemens Healthineers with Prof. Struffert and Dr. Sahlein.

20 Jul 2021

Free Webinar: Taking image-guided therapies to the next level

Webinar on the Contour Neurovascular System.

15 Jun 2021

Contour Neurovascular SystemTM – An early experience: Expert Panel Discussion

Webinar about bAVM with Prof. Cekirge and Prof. Mounayer.

07 Jun 2021

Free Webinar: 4D acquisition input for brain arteriovenous treatment

Webinar about the TIGER Trial with Dr. Jadhav and Dr. Jankowitz.

28 May 2021

Free Webinar: Results of the TIGER trial – the next generation Stent Retriever

ESMINT Webinar with Zsolt Kulcsar about chronic subdural hematoma.

04 May 2021

Free ESMINT Webinar: Endovascular treatment of chronic subdural hematoma – current concepts

Webinar Siemens Nexaris.

03 May 2021

Free Webinar: Nexaris: Combined Angio/CT – Defining the Future of Stroke Care