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Our recent news

KSA Job Offer

04 Jul 2022

Job Offer: Director of Neuroradiology in Kantonsspital Aarau, Switzerland

Webinar on Remote Proctoring with Dr. Bechstein and Dr. Kalousek.

28 Jun 2022

Free ESMINT Webinar: Remote Proctoring and e-Fellowship – Current Status and Perspectives

Webinar on Simulation in INR with Dr. med. Kreiser.

22 Jun 2022

Free ESMINT Webinar: Simulation in Interventional Neuroradiology Training

Webinar about Neurointerventions in the Ukraine.

01 Jun 2022

Free ESMINT Webinar: Neurointerventional practice during the war in Ukraine

Webinar with Drs. Nehme, Saalfeld, Zelenak on AI in INR.

21 Apr 2022

Free ESMINT Webinar on AI in INR

Webinar of phenox on surface modifications.

31 Mar 2022

Free webinar: Pushing the Boundaries of Antiplatelet Therapy with Surface Modifications

Crisis in the Ukraine

18 Mar 2022

Help for the Ukraine

Webinar on the Cerus Trial 2022

07 Mar 2022

Free Webinar: Contour Neurovascular SystemTM – Introducing the CERUS trial data results & upcoming clinical studies