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Our recent news

Webinar about WEB with Dr. Fischer and Dr. Du Plessis supported by MicroVention.

10 May 2023

Free Webinar: WEB for acutely ruptured aneurysm treatment

Webinar on fusion techniques with Dr. Dobrocky and Dr. Buhk.

01 May 2023

Free ESMINT Webinar: Advanced image fusion techniques in the angiosuite

Webinar on DMVOs.

16 Mar 2023

Treatment of Distal Medium Vessel Occlusions (DMVOs) and Initial Experience with the MIVI Q Aspiration Catheter

Webinar with Prof. Fischer and Prof. Gralla.

02 Feb 2023

Free ESMINT Webinar: The value of intravenous thrombolysis in patients with LVO anterior circulation stroke

24 Dec 2022

ESMINT Members’ Newsletter – First Edition


19 Dec 2022

ESMINT-EYMINT Survey: Heparin use in stroke thrombectomy

Webinar on Brain Abnormalities with Dr. Gil, Dr. Buhk and Dr. del Valle.

30 Nov 2022

Free webinar: Multi staged treatment of brain abnormalities for better outcomes

Webinar on MeVO and Distal Treatment with Prof. Goyal, Dr. Ribo and Prof. Möhlenbruch.

03 Nov 2022

Free webinar: MeVO (Medium Vessel Occlusion) and Distal Treatment – What we know today and what we need to learn