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Save-the-date: Symposium and inauguration ceremony on 10 Jan 2020 in Maastricht, The Netherlands

04 Oct 2019   Category/ies: Meetings


Friday, 10 January 2020, Maastricht, The Netherlands

On the 10th of January 2020, a symposium followed by the inauguration of Wim H. van Zwam as Professor in NeuroInterventional Radiology will take place in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Wim van Zwam belongs to the ESMINT ExCom.

The preliminary program of the symposium is:

10.00Welcome and coffee 
10.30IntroductionDr. P. Brouwer, President of ESMINT
11.00Historical overviewProf. K. Terbrugge, Toronto, Canada
11.30Current technical possibilitiesProf R. Chapot, Essen, Germany
12.00Education, training and diplomasProf T. Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden
13.30MRCLEANProf Y. Roos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
14.00Regional and national logisticsProf J. Gralla, Bern, Switzerland
14.30Recorded case demonstrationProf V. Costalat, Montpellier, France
15.00Critical view on researchProf M. Goyal, Calgary, Canada

CME credits are requested. The symposium is endorsed by ESMINT.

The inauguration ceremony will follow at 16.30h.

The symposium and the inauguration ceremony is open for anyone. An invitation together with the registration will follow. Registration is free.