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Free webinar: Multi staged treatment of brain abnormalities for better outcomes

30 Nov 2022   Category/ies: Teaching

Join us for a free webinar on Monday, 12 December at 05:00 PM CET about Multi staged treatment of brain abnormalities for better outcomes.

Webinar on Brain Abnormalities with Dr. Gil, Dr. Buhk and Dr. del Valle.

The webinar is supported by Medtronic and registration for the webinar is free.

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Speakers of the webinar are Dr. Alberto Gil (Spain) and Dr. Mariano del Valle (Spain). The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Jan-Hendrik Buhk (Germany).

What is the webinar about?

This webinar will focus on pre-embolization of paraganglioma with Axium MicroFx for better patient outcomes as well as on the pressure cooker technique in AVM with Onyx.

Key message

Treatment of complex brain vasculature disease “simplified” through a step-by-step approach.

Learning objectives

  • Jugular paragangliomas remain a surgical challenge due to their high vascular supply and proximity to vital structures. Preoperative embolization has an essential role in terms of blood loss control, reduction in tumor size, shorter operation time and increased probability of complete and uncomplicated tumor excision.
  • Tumor embolization with PVA particles is a safe and effective strategy with great rates of cranial nerve function preservation.
  • Coil embolization is an adjunctive technique that delays tumor recanalization and further improves blood loss control as well as the safety profile of PVA particles.

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About the speakers & moderator

Speaker Dr. Alberto Gil is from the Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla, Santander (Spain).

Speaker Dr. Mariano del Valle is from the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid (Spain).

Moderator Dr. Jan-Hendrik Buhk is from the Askeplios Hospitals Hamburg St. Georg and Wandsbek.

What to expect?

ESMINT webinars provide you with the opportunity to meet experts, who share their experience, practice, and way of thinking regarding everyday challenges in the field of neurointerventions.

This webinar will be an interactive live transmission. All participants will be able to ask questions in real-time via the online chat.