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Free Webinar: WEB for acutely ruptured aneurysm treatment

10 May 2023   Category/ies: Teaching

Join us for a free webinar on Monday, 22 May at 05:00 PM CEST about WEB for acutely ruptured aneurysm treatment.

The webinar is supported by MicroVention and registration for the webinar is free.

Webinar about WEB with Dr. Fischer and Dr. Du Plessis supported by MicroVention.

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Speaker of the webinar is PD Dr. Sebastian Fischer (Bochum, Germany). Speaker and moderator of the webinar is Dr Johann Du Plessis (Edinburgh, UK).

What is the webinar about?

Led by experienced physicians, the webinar will focus on using WEB intrasaccular device to treat acutely ruptured aneurysms.

Key message

WEB is a safe and effective tool for acutely ruptured aneurysm treatment.

Learning objectives

  • Evidence of WEB for acutely ruptured aneurysm treatment
  • What to watch out for during the procedures
  • Cases reviewed by the experienced physicians

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About the speaker & moderator

Dr Johann du Plessis is a Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist, working at NHS Lothian, Edinburg (UK). He completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He trained in Radiology in Edinburgh, UK before completing subspecialty training in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology in Glasgow in 2013.

He has an interest in endovascular therapies for hemorrhagic as well as ischaemic conditions. His extensive experience with WEB stems from having been a user since 2013 with involvement in the first cases in the United Kingdom. He has experienced WEB in its evolution and used it in each of its iterations. Johann contributed to the WEB registry, has co-published and presented internationally on WEB and has been a proctor for WEB use since 2017.

Dr. Sebastian Fischer is a senior interventional neuroradiologist. He is currently working at the University Hospital in Bochum Germany. He was trained in Essen, Germany at Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus and in Stuttgart, Germany at Klinikum Stuttgart.

Dr. Fischer published numerous peer-reviewed papers mainly focusing on endovascular stroke treatment and aneurysm treatment with intra- and extra-saccular flow-diverters. He serves as principal investigator for many clinical studies in the field of neuroendovascular therapy.

What to expect?

ESMINT webinars provide you with the opportunity to meet experts, who share their experience, practice, and way of thinking regarding everyday challenges in the field of neurointerventions.

This webinar will be an interactive live transmission. All participants will be able to ask questions in real-time via the online chat.