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Recommendations for optimal management during COVID-19

ESMINT regularly publishes guidelines presenting relevant evidence to help physicians in everyday clinical decision-making. ESMINT has now published recommendations for optimal interventional neurovascular management during COVID-19.

The article comprises:

  • Priorities
  • General considerations about patients and protocols
  • COVID-19 patient categories and initial management
  • Healthcare worker precautions
  • Training for new protocols
  • Angiography Suite management
  • Stock – neurointerventional materials and others
  • Protecting families
  • Mental health

The recommendations also give insights and perspectives on how to manage this exceptional situation in the safest way possible for patients, teams, families and  individuals.

Read the article

Webinar on the COVID-19 pandemic and INR practice

An ESMINT webinar is an interactive programme providing useful tips for your daily clinical practice. On 17 April ESMINT held a webinar in association with OCIN, which brought together neurointerventionists from Italy, China, France, Germany, and The Netherlands. Important issues such as

  • patient pathways,
  • pathophysiological knowledge, and
  • organizational matters

were discussed. 

“We are facing strange times,” declared Dr. Patrick Brouwer, ESMINT president. In the webinar, the effects of COVID-19 on daily INR practice were analyzed.

Watch the webinar

Surveys: COVID-19 and its effect on neurointerventions

COVID-19 is having a great influence on daily INR practice. ESMINT has initiated a second ESMINT survey so that we are able to learn from each other so as to be able to help affected group members. Four other societies – SNIS, SVIN, SILAN & WFITN – have agreed to participate in this initiative to get a global picture of the impact on our community.

To this end, you are kindly requested to participate in the online survey:

Participate in the 2nd survey

The first survey comprised the following questions:

  • Are you coming to the hospital every day?
  • Are you able to provide the usual service for emergencies (stroke, SAH)?
  • How do you deal with “elective” routine procedures (e.g. unruptured aneurysms)?
  • Is there a way to support you and your team?
  • Is there a learning you wish to share with the ESMINT community?
  • In which country do you work?

You can read the results of the first survey here:

Results of the 1st survey

A song from the ESMINT Neurointervention Band

The ESMINT Neurointervention Band would like to raise awareness that during the COVID-19 pandemic fewer patients with stroke are seeking hospital for treatment, probably due to fears about COVID-19. If you witness somebody having a stroke call the emergency number!