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What is Siilo?

Siilo is a secure medical messaging app, designed to help healthcare professionals and teams better collaborate on difficult cases, improve patient care, and share knowledge in a compliant way.  Siilo is GDPR compliant, has an intuitive interface, and is healthcare specific.

ESMINT's Siilo App

Siilo - the messenger for ESMINT

To enable the neurointerventional community to exchange information on the latest cases and learn from each other’s experience on a daily basis, ESMINT has initiated a dedicated network on the Siilo App.

We will use Siilo to:

  • Help you find and communicate directly with all your colleagues in the ESMINT address book, which is located in the ‘Spaces’ tab.
  • Have topic-specific discussions and exchanges in the ESMINT space. Ask and answer questions yourself and read what others are writing – ESMINT group leaders are available as experts.
  • Create chat-groups on urgent matters with relevant colleagues.
  • Make and receive secure video and voice calls to and from other users of the app

The current channels in the ESMINT space at Siilo are:

  • Urgent case support: This channel is designed to provide you with support to help you with an urgent case.
  • Aneurysms: Share your experiences, ask questions and evaluate findings.
  • Stroke: Share your experiences, ask questions and evaluate findings.
  • AVM/DAVF: Share your experiences, ask questions and evaluate findings.
  • COVID-19: Address your COVID-19 concerns – whether it’s a treatment guideline, certain cases or a very specific question. Or maybe you’ve read a super-good paper and think others should know about it? Post it so that others can see what’s current in the literature about COVID-19!
  • Recent Publications & Research: Share the newest publications and research!
  • ESMINT Congress: The ESMINT Congress is at the forefront of cutting-edge science and innovation. Discuss topics related to our ESMINT Congress here.
  • ESMINT News: We will use this channel to communicate key information related to ESMINT, such as our scientific and educational courses & congress, ESMINT initiatives, and all news about our society.
  • Miscellaneous: Everything else!

How to join Siilo

Step 1: Download Siilo Messenger

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for ‘Siilo’. Download and open the app to start the registration process.

Step 2: Complete the registration process

When registering, you need to add your first name and surname, profession, mobile number and institutional email address.

Step 3: Join the ESMINT network

Log-in (if not done yet) and click here to access the ESMINT Siilo Space.

Useful things to know

The Siilo menu

Chats: This is where you’ll find all your conversations. The number indicates how many unread messages you have.

Spaces: This is where you’ll find the dedicated ESMINT network. Click on a channel and have topic-specific discussions and exchanges. Ask and answer questions yourself and read what others are writing – ESMINT group leaders are available as experts. You can also search for colleagues in the Siilo Medical Directory. You’ll also find saved media here.

Settings: Here you can set up your notifications, change your PIN, and manage your privacy settings and preferences.

Tips & Tricks

  • Find colleagues within and outside ESMINT in the ‘Spaces’ tab.
  • Fill in your professional profile via the ‘Profile’ tab to make it easy for colleagues to find you.
  • With the case function, you can clearly discuss multiple patients within one chat conversation and maintain thread continuity.
  • Take secure photos, send them to colleagues, and store them in the app.
  • Use Siilo Messenger in the workplace: that’s how you separate work messages from private messages.
  • Use Siilo on your desktop via
  • Recreate your team WhatsApp groups in Siilo.