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Free webinar on solutions for clots with Profs. Cognard, Chapot and Nordmeyer.

09 Nov 2020

Free webinar: Solutions for tough CLOTS

Laurent Pierot will hold a webinar about "Intrasaccular Flow Disruption".

02 Oct 2020

Webinar: Intrasaccular Flow Disruption: When and How to use it?

Webinar with Cerenovus

15 Sep 2020

Free webinar: Optimizing treatment options for AIS

Webinar: Management of intracerebral haemorrhage.

15 Sep 2020

ESMINT Webinar: Management of Intracerebral Haemorrhage: what’s new?

Webinar about Siilo with Buhk and Rouchaud.

07 Jul 2020

ESMINT webinar: Siilo – ESMINT‘s messenger app

Webinar on flow diverters with Dr. Möhlenbruch.

28 Jun 2020

ESMINT Webinar: Use of Flow Diverters in peripheral brain vessels

Webinar about LVO with Prof. Schramm.

23 Jun 2020

Free webinar: Advancing the treatment of LVOs with new technology – a clinical update

ESMINT Webinar: Next Generation Flow Diversion - The Future is Now!

04 Jun 2020

Free webinar: Next Generation Flow Diversion – The Future is Now!