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ECMINT (European Course in Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy)

ECMINT (European Course in Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy) is a series of residential theoretical training courses in partnership with the Oxford Neurovascular and Neuroradiology Research Unit (ONNRU), Oxford University, which ESMINT has organized since December 2014.

EXMINT (European Stroke Course)

EXMINT is a condensed theoretical training which forms the basis for neurointerventional ischemic stroke treatment. EXMINT was established in 2018 to meet the needs of the growing number of physicians wanting to perform stroke treatment.


EDNI: The European Diploma in Neurointervention

ESMINT offers a theoretical qualification in neurointerventional therapy: the European Diploma in Neurointervention (EDNI).

EDSI: The European Diploma in Ischemic Stroke Intervention

ESMINT offers a theoretical qualification in stroke treatment: the European Diploma in Ischemic Stroke Intervention (EDSI).


ESMINT holds live webinars on endovascular therapies.

Fellowship Programmes

ESMINT offers the ESMINT Fellowship and Observership Programmes. There is also an e-fellowship provided by ESMINT.

Skills Training

ESMINT Skills Training is a new hand-on course. The first edition will take place at the Amsterdam Skills Center (ASC) on 11-12 March 2024.

This Skills Training programme adds an important practical part to the Educational Cluster of ESMINT which comprises: ECMINT, EXMINT, ESMINT Fellowship, ESMINT e-Fellowship and ESMINT Online Learning.

Tutors will be experienced inventionalists from the ESMINT faculty. The course will be supported by the educational and engineering departments of our industry partners. Groups of 3 – 4 participants will each be supervised by one tutor.


ETMINT is a dedicated group of professionals, focused on promoting the benefits of minimally invasive neurological therapies throughout Europe. Their primary goal is to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among nurses, technicians, and radiographers, in order to enhance their experiences working in this field across different countries.

ETMINT’s vision is to promote the growth of the international community and to provide the best possible continuing education for nurses, technicians, and radiographers in the field of Neurointervention.

ESO-ESMINT-ESNR Stroke Winter School

The ESO-ESMINT-ESNR Stroke Winter School offers concentrated high-quality teaching sessions and courses on acute stroke management. The target audience consists of young stroke physicians and neuroradiologists with a major interest in cerebrovascular diseases.

ESO, ESMINT and ESNR endorses this winter course which primary goal is to join European young stroke physicians and young neuroradiologists in order to improve acute interdisciplinary stroke treatment. 

The secondary goal of the school is to perform “hands-on” sessions for interventional neuroradiologists and special teaching courses for stroke physicians. 


ESMINT created the EastMINT training project, which consists of the monitoring and proctoring by telemedicine of Eastern European INR Centers.

Training Guidelines

ESMINT has initiated or participated in several sets of guidelines, statements, standards of practice or standards of training in the field of neurointerventions. These guidelines can be read and downloaded on our website.