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What is an EYMINT e-fellowship?

The 6-month e-fellowship programme (supported by Cerenovus with an educational grant) will enable an EYMINT member to interact directly with an ESMINT mentor and remotely view neuro-interventional procedures that are of interest to them.

The mentor and the e-fellow will have one-on-one discussions, and the e-fellow will also have one-to-one communication with the treating physician during all procedures, which will be live-streamed using the technology from Tegus Medical.

In addition, there will be joint sessions with one mentor and all e-fellows observing. In this setting one e-fellow actively interacts with the mentor via one-to one-communication. The others can ask questions in the chat.

EYMINT e-Fellowship Joint Session.

The goal of the e-fellowship programme is to expose young neurointerventionalists to the breadth of neuro-interventional procedures performed by highly experienced professors of neuro-intervention who are members of ESMINT.

Fellows will be exposed to all aspects of interventional neuroradiology including a broad range of vascular interventions – treatment of acute ischemic stroke, cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations of the brain, and congenital cerebral and spinal malformations.

It was a privilege to be one of the first people in this revolutionary program in which I was able to actively participate in neurointerventional cases from different angisuits across Europe. It opened my eyes and gave me a huge push forward in learning and comprehensive neurointervention as a whole. It was literally an otherworldly experience to stand beside (even though virtually) some of the greatest and forward-thinking neurointerventionalist today. With this program that famous quote by Isaac Newton: ” If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon shoulders of giants” really came to life, metaphorically and literally 😄

ESMINT e-Fellow Vedran Župančić, Zagreb, Croatia

Mentors of the e-fellowship

Mentor Mohamed Aggour

Mentor Tommy Andersson

Mentor Alessandra Biondi

Mentor René Chapot

Mentor Christophe Cognard

Mentor Anne Christine Januel

Mentor Dr. Vladimir Kalousek

Mentor Mario Martinez Galdamez

e-Fellowship Mentor Dr. Riita Rautio

Mentor Istvan Szikora

e-Fellowship Mentor Dr. Pedro Vega

Who can apply for the e-fellowship?

The e-fellowship is open to all eligible ESMINT members who are accredited to independently perform neuro-interventional procedures.

The criteria of eligibility are:

  • Licensed Physicians
  • ESMINT members*
  • Up to the age of 40 years and less than 5 yrs practicing in neurointervention
  • At least 12 months training in interventional neuroradiology / endovascular neurosurgery (including diagnostic neuroangiography)
  • Working in a hospital with neuro facilities (INR center, neurosurgery, neurology, stroke unit) in geographical Europe
  • Adequate language skills for the participating mentor suite

Selection of the e-fellowship applicants will be performed first by the EYMINT Ad-hoc committee members, and then by the participating mentor sides.

Fellows will be chosen by the mentor sites according to language and areas of interest as outlined in the application.

This E-Fellowship was made possible by a generous educational grant from Cerenovus.

*If you are not yet an ESMINT member, please apply and you can complete your ESMINT membership: join ESMINT or renew your membership

Apply for the ESMINT/EYMINT e-Fellowship

Application for the e-fellowship programme is closed.