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What is the ESMINT Fellowship Programme?

Considering the growing need for trained neurointerventionalists in the field of ischemic stroke, ESMINT has decided to build a programme (ESMINT Stroke Fellowship Programme) for physicians wishing to obtain competence in Acute Ischemic Stroke Interventions (AISI) as defined by the European Board of Neurointerventionists (EBNI).

Aim of the ESMINT Stroke Fellowship Programme

The goal of the stroke fellowship program is to train young neurointerventionalists in stroke procedures by offering a financial support to join an INR training center.

By the end of the training period, trainees are supposed to have performed at least 25 stroke procedures as first operator and to be able to manage clinically and endovascularly the vast majority of the stroke cases referred to their own center.

Components of the ESMINT Fellowship Programme

This program will consist of 2 parts:

  • theoretical course dedicated to AISI
  • practical part (1-year training in an EBNI certified center) supported financially by ESMINT

Eligibility, call and selection of applications

Eligible Physicians of the Stroke Fellowship Programme

The following physicians are eligible to take part in the programme:

  • Licensed European physicians
  • ESMINT members
  • Up to the age of 40 years
  • 6 months in diagnostic neuroradiology (including diagnostic neuroangiography) + 6 months training in clinical neurosciences
  • Working in a hospital with neuro facilities (EBNI-certified INR center, neurosurgery, stroke unit)

Call for Applications 2018/2019

The call for applications has been closed.

Selection of applications

The selection of the applications will be performed by:

  • 1 ESMINT board member,
  • 2 ESMINT ExCom members.

Start of the programme: 2019

Download the ESMINT Fellowship Programme information document.