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European Diploma in Neurointervention 2023

EDNI Written Examination 2023

The 2023 EDNI written examination is scheduled for the morning of 21st April 2023.

Registration is now open. The fee to take the examination is €275.

Click HERE to register now. Registration will close at 12 noon CET on the 8th of April

The written exam is offered as a virtual examination using the Ortrac examination system, which includes cutting-edge invigilation software. Candidates will need to download, install and complete the set-up of the remote examination software in advance of the examination. 

Only students who have passed the written examination are eligible to take the orals, which are tentatively scheduled for 1st September, 2023. Diplomas will be presented during the ESMINT 2023 Congress.

Candidates can find all the material needed to prepare for the written exam in their ECMINT course materials and quizzes.

The passmark for the written exam is calculated using a recognized standard-setting methodology such as Cohen. The Examination Committee reserve the right to investigate any anomalies raised by the invigilation software. Any candidate found to have cheated will be disqualified and prohibited from taking any future ESMINT examinations.

EDNI Orals 2023

If you have passed the written part of the EDNI, you are eligible to take the orals.

These will take place in August or September 2023 via Zoom. 

Registration for the 2023 EDNI orals will open in spring / summer 2023. Last year the fee to take the exam was £300.

Your registration can be cancelled up until two weeks before the examination with a 100% refund in the shape of a credit voucher to be used to take a future ESMINT examination.


Please contact in case of any questions.

What is the European Diploma in Neurointervention (formerly the ESMINT Diploma)?

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to sit the EDNI examinations, the student must have attended an entire ECMINT cycle comprised of four different course programmes.

She/he should also have achieved at least an average mark of 60% on the tests finalizing each course, with no mark of 50% or below in any one quiz. For example, a student with 60 – 60 – 60 – 60 is eligible and so is a student with 60 – 70 – 50 – 60. However a student with 60 – 20 – 100 – 60 or 60 – 50 – 60 – 60 is not eligible.

Students who fail may retake the course or courses which they failed once. ECMINT students are not required to take the final test – it is merely an entry criterion for the EDNI.

The Diploma examination

Until 2019, the examination for the diploma was conducted annually in conjunction with the ESMINT annual congress. In 2020, the examinations were cancelled. The 2021 Diploma examinations took place completely online. 

As of 2022 the Diploma has been renamed the European Diploma in Neurointervention. All future written examinations will take place virtually.

The Diploma examination consists of two parts:

  • a written examination consisting in 100 questions, with 4 to 5 sub-questions to each (all multiple choice), which will be offered virtually, and
  • an oral examination of 45 minutes of which the first 25 minutes are devoted to questions around at least 2-3 of the 5 themes included in the curriculum: tumor, aneurysms, stroke, vascular malformations and neurovascular anatomy (pediatrics could be included in these themes where appropriate.) The remaining 20 minutes is devoted to two cases. Candidate must prepare one case representing one of the main four themes (tumor, aneurysms, stroke or vascular malformations) and present it to the examiners, and then the examiners will have one case prepared, alsorepresenting one of the themes, and you will be asked questions around this case. 

The written examination is three hours long, and is divided into two equal parts with a short break in between the two.

It is marked as a percentage and the passmark is calculated using a recognized standard-setting methodology such as Cohen, whereas the oral is assessed simply as pass or fail.

A candidate who fails one or both parts may take the each part of the examination a maximum of three times.

Going forward (at the time of writing, March 2022), only those candidates who pass the written examination may take the oral.

Past ESMINT Diplomas

European Diploma in Neurointervention (EDNI) 2022

This year marked the first year of the EDNI, which is certified by both ESMINT and EBNI. The written examination took place virtually on 29th April 2022. Only those who passed the written exam were eligible to take orals, which took place via Zoom on Friday 2nd September.

Students who passed the examination were awarded the diploma during the award ceremony on Thursday afternoon at the ESMINT Congress 2022.

ESMINT Diploma Ceremony 2022

ESMINT Diploma 2021

The ESMINT Diploma 2021 Examinations took place *online* on 2nd and 3rd September 2021.

Students who passed a complete ECMINT cycle (4 courses) were eligible to sit the final examination.

ESMINT Diploma 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic both the ESMINT Congress 2020 and the ESMINT Diploma 2020 Examinations due to take place in Nice in September have been cancelled.

ESMINT Diploma 2019

The ECMINT examination to receive the ESMINT Diploma took place 2 and 3 September 2019 in the Hotel Le Meridien, Nice, France before the 11th ESMINT Congress 2019.

Students who passed a complete ECMINT cycle (4 courses) were eligible to sit the final examination.

Schedule of the ESMINT Diploma

Monday, Sept 2:

  • 13:00h – 16:00h ECMINT Written Exam (arrival minimum 30 mins in advance)

Tuesday, Sept 3:

  • 9:00h – 16:00h ECMINT Oral Exam  (you will have a time-slot of 45 mins, exact personal times will be announced later)

ESMINT Diploma 2018

The third ESMINT Diploma examination took place on Wednesday, 5 September 2018 in the Hotel Le Meridien, Nice. In the morning, there were the written online examinations and in the afternoon, the oral examination took place. Students who passed the examination were awarded the ESMINT Diploma during the award ceremony on Friday afternoon during the 10th Anniversary ESMINT Congress.

ESMINT Diploma 2018 Award Ceremony

ESMINT Diploma 2017

The second ESMINT Diploma examination took place Wednesday, September 6, 2017 in the Hotel Le Meridien, Nice. In the morning, there were written examinations and in the afternoon the oral examinations were held. The award ceremony took place during the ESMINT Congress on Friday, September 8 at 14:55h in the main meeting room in the Acropolis Convention Center.

ESMINT Diploma 2016

The ESMINT examination for the first cycle took place Wednesday, September 7, 2016 in conjunction with the ESMINT Congress in Nice, France. The award ceremony took place during the ESMINT Congress on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 15:10h in the main meeting room.

ESMINT Diploma 2016 Award Ceremony