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ESMINT General Assembly 2020

The ESMINT General Assembly 2020 took place online on 9 September 2020 at 6.30 PM CEST.

In 2020, elections were being held. Open positions that were up for re-election were:

  • Executive Board  (September 2020 – September 2022):
    • President
    • General Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Standing Committees (September 2020 – September 2023)
    • Rules Committee Chair
    • Education Committee Chair
    • Examination Committee Chair
    • Guidelines Committee Chair
    • Research Committee Chair
    • Membership Committee Chair
    • Multidisciplinary Committee Chair
    • Professional Liaison Chair
    • Publication Committee Chair
    • UEMS Committee Chair
    • Eastern Countries Committee Chair
    • New Product Introduction/Evaluation Chair
    • Ethics Committee Chair
    • Electronic Media Committee Chair

Online voting for the elections for the Executive Board and Executive Committee started on 20 August, and all Full Members of the membership year 2020/2021 were informed about the procedure by email. 

Please consult the documents of the ESMINT General Assembly 2020:

The current ESMINT Committee has developed a five-year strategic plan to build ESMINT’s value to its community through varied educational and interactive activities supporting its members. This plan requires dedication, energy and enthusiasm from the Board and the Executive Committee. We would like to thank all the members of the current Board and Executive Committee for helping to guide ESMINT through the exciting – and sometimes challenging – past few years. 

With 14 positions up for re-election, we would like to ask all our full members to actively participate in the upcoming elections and to consider applying for a position on our Executive Committee.  

The Executive Committee positions that are up for re-election are:

Rules Committee Chair

Providing guidance for developing/adhering to ESMINT’s Constitution.

Education Committee Chair

A very active position leading and managing ESMINT’s educational activities including EXMINT & ECMINT. 

Examination Committee Chair

Responsible for the creation and management of the ESMINT Examinations associated with our educational activities. 

Guidelines Committee Chair

Responsible for developing guidelines to help support ESMINT’s community in neurointerventional practices. 

Research Committee Chair

Responsible for supporting and creating research opportunities in the ESMINT community. This position has a strategic importance in ESMINT’s five-year plan.

Membership Committee Chair

Responsible for developing strategies to encourage ESMINT’s membership across all categories. Again, this position is strategically important in ESMINT’s five-year plan, building value for ESMINT members and thereby enlarging the community.

Multidisciplinary Committee Chair

Neurointervention intersects with many colleagues across the medical community. This position is strategically important in maintaining ESMINT’s relationships with other societies, to ensure continuity of care for patients across Europe.

Professional Liaison Chair

Responsible for liaising with ESMINT’s industry partners to encourage support and provide guidance in line with ESMINT’s strategic goals. 

Publication Committee Chair

Responsible for liaising with our JNIS partners in ensuring ESMINT’s interests are considered and members are supported in their publication efforts. 

UEMS Committee Chair

Responsible for providing guidance to ESMINT in line with UEMS regulations.

Eastern Countries Committee Chair

Responsible for building ESMINT’s reach to our colleagues in the Eastern Countries and providing strategic guidance to the ESMINT Board for developing programs to help support neurointervention in this region.

New Product Introduction/Evaluation Chair

Responsible for working with the industry partners to help ensure products are introduced into the ESMINT community with credible data.

Ethics Committee Chair

Responsible for ensuring all ESMINTs activities follow ethical guidelines.

Electronic Media Committee Chair

Responsible for developing and managing ESMINT’s online profile and providing support and value to the membership through online discussion forums, webinars, and other electronic media.

ESMINT General Assembly 2019

The ESMINT General Assembly took place on Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 18:30 in the main meeting room of the congress at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice


Nice Acropolis Convention Centre
1 esplanade Kennedy
06300 Nice

Please consult the documents of the ESMINT General Assembly 2019:

ESMINT General Assembly 2018

The ESMINT General Assembly took place on Thursday, 6 September 2018 at 18:30 in the main meeting room of the congress at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice.

The following positions have been elected:

ESMINT General Assembly 2017

The ESMINT General Assembly 2017 took place on 7 September 2017 at 18:30 in the main meeting room of the congress. The following ESMINT Standing Committee chairs have been elected:

  • Rules: Jan Gralla, Switzerland
  • Education: Shelley Renowden, UK
  • Examination: Tommy Andersson, Sweden/Belgium
  • Guidelines: Phil White, UK
  • Research: Francis Turjman, France
  • Membership: A.-C. Januel, France
  • Multidisciplinary: Laurent Spelle, France
  • Professional Liaison: Zsolt Kulcsar, Switzerland
  • Publication: Mohamed Aggour, France
  • UEMS: Alessandra Biondi, France
  • Eastern Countries: Stefanita Dima, Romania
  • New Product: Christian Taschner, Germany
  • Ethics: Maciej Szajner, Poland
  • Electronic Media: Jan-Hendrik Buhk, Germany

See more information about each Executive Committee chair and member.

At a glance: ESMINT's General Assembly

The General Assembly is the ruling body of the European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy. It consists of all its members holding voting rights. Its specific duties are defined in the constitution and include the establishment of the society’s requirements, dues, and policies.

The General Assembly empowers the Executive Committee with responsibilities for managing the affairs of ESMINT.

Please note the following general schedule:

General Assembly Calendar

  • 60 Days before the General Assembly
    Distribution of an information letter containing a detailed list of positions to be elected.
  • 30 Days before General Assembly
    Deadline for members to submit agenda items to the General Secretary.
  • 20 Days before General Assembly
    The final agenda is published.