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President’s New Year message

01 Jan 2021   Category/ies: Society

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

While the New Year is still young, please allow me to share a few thoughts with you, as the current ESMINT president looking back and – more importantly – looking into the future.

Prof. Jens Fiehler, President of ESMINT.

Europe is interesting and it is difficult. In communication with international colleagues I am asked, “How do you do this in Europe?” My answer is always, “Variously.”

Europe consists of multiple individual countries, unlike the Unites States or China. Since ancient times, different national traditions and approaches have competed with each other. This special feature has made it a test laboratory. This applies to Neurointerventions as well. This is what ESMINT can contribute to the world.

ESMINT is the platform where our members can discuss our various experiences and share best practices with each other and our colleagues abroad in a structured way.

ESMINT represents more than forty European countries, some of them with very few neurointerventionalists, some with hundreds. Many of our colleagues work in metropolitan areas, some in sparsely populated regions. Some have had established national regulations for the practice of Neurointerventions for a long time; some are just starting the practice. The challenges are different, as is the way ESMINT will be most effective in each country. Together with our national representatives, we will be conducting a survey to better understand how ESMINT could help and support Neurointerventional patient care and Neurointerventionalists.

I have been part of ESMINT from its humble beginnings and have witnessed its stunning growth over the years. The key factor for ESMINT’s success are the members, both inside and outside the Executive Committee, who put in much of their precious spare time to work together to achieve our goals.

This bond between us has proved stronger than ever in 2020. I am very grateful for the energy you put into our society. ESMINT is moving forward and we are working towards our four strategic goals.

First and foremost, ESMINT is working towards optimal neurointerventional care for our patients in Europe. A central tool for reaching this goal are our educational courses: ECMINT, EXMINT, and the Webinars were successfully modified by the organizing teams due to COVID. We started the EastMINT project this year (of course with a first pass TICI3 procedure). ESMINT is working very hard to define joint requirements for Neurointerventional training accreditation in Europe. Together with ESMINT guidelines and the results of surveys, this political work will benefit each individual member in the competition for resources and recognition.

Secondly, ESMINT delivers value for its members. It creates individual learning opportunities in the shape of fellowships, observerships and EYMINT’s eFellowship. Cases, including urgent ones, can now be discussed using the ESMINT’s newly introduced App for secure case discussion. In the future, the most instructive of these cases will be discussed in ESMINT member-only webinars in, while the majority of our webinars will be offered free.

Thirdly, ESMINT is dedicated to fostering scientific progress in the field of Neurointerventions. ESMINT is a project partner in the EU trial TENSION, that has now enrolled more than 100 patients. ESMINT’s footprint in our Journal JNIS is growing again. ESMINT has been invited to multiple joint sessions at other international societies’ congresses around the globe. The research committee working closely with EYMINT has created a survey on thrombectomy in Europe that will be started early next year. And there are many more initiatives on the horizon.

Finally, ESMINT will further develop its administrative and organizational capabilities. It should become a machine to create the output we need in an efficient and reproducible way. At this point I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our partners from the industry who have been with us through a challenging time in 2020. Our robust relationship and their continuous support have been fundamental to maintaining our function.

Let us welcome the New Year 2021 with an open heart and full of optimism! Let us hope it brings the relief and liberation we are all hoping for! There is work to do.

Jens Fiehler