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ESMINT-EYMINT Survey: Overview of mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe

08 Oct 2021   Category/ies: Standards

Final deadline: 17 October 2021, 11.59 PM CEST

Dear Colleagues,

As you well know, mechanical thrombectomy has dramatically changed the landscape of stroke care as well as stroke care organization, and public health institutions are faced with the challenge of swiftly providing equal access to this high technical level procedure with rapidly broadening indications.

As such, we are interested in conducting an overall appraisal of technical mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe, as well as an appraisal of local organizations.

ESMINT and the EYMINT research collaborative group have come together to carry out this project, and you are invited to complete two online surveys so as to obtain an overview of mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe.

Individual Practitioner’s Approaches

Every interventional INR is invited to respond to collect individual responses about patient selection and endovascular procedures.

Data will be treated anonymously for the research project, and the questionnaire will take approximately 5 minutes.

Individual survey

Comprehensive Stroke Centers

Only 1 INR per Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) is invited to respond.

Following on from our survey of individual clinicians, this second questionnaire, addressed to local organizations, will help in our aim to provide an overall survey of technical mechanical thrombectomy practices in Europe.

This questionnaire aims to collect general, center-based information regarding:

  • mechanical thrombectomy case volume for 2020
  • imaging modalities used for patient selection
  • anaesthetic management
  • technical specificities
  • imaging follow-up
  • unit organization.

Data will be treated anonymously for the research project. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

Stroke center survey

Please feel free to forward these surveys to other practitioners.

Your participation makes a huge difference. Your time and opinion are greatly appreciated.

Dr Géraud Forestier, ESMINT member
Pr Aymeric Rouchaud, Chair of Research Committee
Pr Jens Fiehler, President of the ESMINT Executive Board