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Treatment of Distal Medium Vessel Occlusions (DMVOs) and Initial Experience with the MIVI Q Aspiration Catheter

16 Mar 2023   Category/ies: Teaching

Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, 28 March at 05:00 PM CEST about Treatment of Distal Medium Vessel Occlusions (DMVOs) and Initial Experience with the MIVI Q Aspiration Catheter.

The webinar is supported by MIVI Neuroscience and registration for the webinar is free.

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Webinar on DMVOs with Mivi.

Speakers of the webinar are Waleed Brinjikji, M.D. (USA) and James Wareham, MBChB, BSc, FRCR (UK). Moderator and speaker of the webinar is Levansri Makalanda, BSc, MBBS, MRCS, FRCR (UK).

What is the webinar about?

This webinar will focus on DMVOs, a discussion of recent publications on Distal Stroke treatments (aspiration, stent retrievers, and combined technique), introduction to the novel Q Aspiration Catheter: its design, technique, tips and tricks, and initial clinical experience with the Q catheter in DMVOs.

Key message

Initial experience with the Q catheter has shown high effectiveness and safety in treating DMVOs.

Learning objectives

  • Evaluate current treatment options for Distal Strokes
  • Understand the Q catheter design and best practices for it
  • Review Initial clinical experience with the Q catheter treating DMVOs

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About the speakers & moderator

Waleed Brinjikji is Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. He is Editor in Chief of INR and Consulting Medical Director of MIVI Neuroscience.

James Wareham is Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, UK.

Levansri Makalanda is Lead consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust & The London Gamma Knife Centre, London, UK.

What to expect?

ESMINT webinars provide you with the opportunity to meet experts, who share their experience, practice, and way of thinking regarding everyday challenges in the field of neurointerventions.

This webinar will be an interactive live transmission. All participants will be able to ask questions in real-time via the online chat.