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Free webinar: MeVO (Medium Vessel Occlusion) and Distal Treatment – What we know today and what we need to learn

03 Nov 2022   Category/ies: Teaching

Join us for a free webinar on Monday, 14 November at 05:00 PM CET about MeVO (Medium Vessel Occlusion) and Distal Treatment: What we know today and what we need to learn.

The webinar is supported by Medtronic and registration for the webinar is free.

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Weinbar on MeVO and Distal Treatment with Prof. Goyal, Dr. Ribo and Prof. Möhlenbruch.

Speakers of the webinar are Prof. Mayank Goyal, Canada, and Prof. Markus Möhlenbruch, Germany. The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Marc Ribo, Spain.

What is the webinar about?

This webinar will focus on medium vessel occlusions (MeVOs), how to define them, the clinical presentation of MeVO strokes and patient selection, the clinical course of MeVO strokes, and the SolitaireTM X 3mm design and initial experience.

Prof. Mayank Goyal will present: MeVO: Medium Vessel Occlusion – the next frontier?

Prof. Markus Möhlenbruch will present: SolitaireTM X 3mm experience and what we need to consider when treating MeVOs

Key message

MeVO (Medium Vessel Occlusion) and Distal Treatment: What we know today and what we need to learn.

Learning objectives

  • How to define a MeVO and distal occlusions
  • Clinical presentation of MeVO/distal strokes and patient selection
  • Clinical course of MeVO and distal strokes
  • SolitaireTM X 3mm design and initial experience

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About the speakers & moderator

Speaker: Prof. Mayank Goyal
Mayank Goyal is a Professor in the Department of Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Calgary, Canada. He also holds the Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Stroke Research. He is the Director of Imaging and Endovascular treatment at the Calgary Stroke Program. Dr. Goyal’s passion and main research interest is acute stroke imaging, workflow, and intervention.

Speaker: Prof. Markus Möhlenbruch
Markus Möhlenbruch is a Senior Physician of Neuroradiology; Head of Vascular & Interventional Neuroradiology Section; Medical Director for the Schlaganfallkonsortium Rhein-Necker (Rhine-Neckar Stroke Consortium); Section Leader of Minimal-Invasive Neuro-Therapy Center Heidelberg, Germany.

Moderator: Dr. Marc Ribo
Marc Ribo is an Interventional and Stroke Neurologist; Assistant Professor of the Stroke Unit of the Neurology Department at the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain.

What to expect?

ESMINT webinars provide you with the opportunity to meet experts, who share their experience, practice, and way of thinking regarding everyday challenges in the field of neurointerventions.

This webinar will be an interactive live transmission. All participants will be able to ask questions in real-time via the online chat.